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The best mattress for your sleeping position 2019

The best mattress for you depends on your preferred sleeping position. Side sleepers require a different kind of mattress than pure abdominal or back sleepers. When choosing a mattress you should definitely pay attention to the right degree of hardness. In addition to factors such as height and body weight, the sleeping position also plays a role.

The best mattress for back sleepers

The best mattress for back sleepers is slightly firmer overall. Because back sleepers need additional support at lighter body parts, such as loins and head area. If the support is missing at these points, then a hollow cross can quickly arise. The best mattress for back sleepers is also point elastic, which reduces pressure points. We recommend back sleepers to spring core, visco, gel foam or cold foam mattresses. From pure latex mattresses we recommend the back sleeper rather off, because these could be a bit too soft. Combination models like Casper or Simba are in our experience, but in order. Back sleepers should have a mattress with sufficient stability and body support.

The best mattress for side sleepers

The best mattress for side sleepers, however, is much softer. Because side sleepers need especially in the shoulder area additional sinking depth, as they sink only at the side in the mattress. The best mattress for side sleepers is very point elastic, slightly softer and offers an ergonomically optimal alignment. The spine must remain straight. Mattresses with integrated lying areas can often help. The best mattress for side sleepers in our experience is cold, latex, gel or visco foam. Pure spring mattresses often fall out hard, so we recommend the side sleeper rather off.

For detailed report of the Emma mattress

Mattress check24 tip: If you and your partner have at least 20 kg weight difference, you should think of two different mattress halves, such as 80 x 200 cm or 90 x 200 cm. You can bridge the gap between the mattress cores with a mattress wedge.

The best mattress for children and babies

When choosing the best children’s mattresses, we recommend paying special attention to the right materials. Pollutants must be avoided at all costs.
The mattress for children should not be too strong, but still have sufficient stability. Very important is also the selection of the optimal size of the children’s mattress. We also recommend choosing a children’s mattress with good air circulation. Here also the slatted frame plays an important role.

Stiftung Warentest has tested 2018 children’s mattresses.

The Öko-Test testers also took a closer look at some children’s mattresses in 2017. The children’s mattress from Ravensberger has done particularly well. It convinces with a well-ventilated lying surface and a high-quality cold foam with a density of 40 kg / m³. According to the testers, the children’s mattress cover is also free of antimony, silver and optical brighteners.

Best orthopedic mattress

Of course we are not orthopedists, but sleep enthusiasts. Often, the causes of neck and back pain but not necessarily on the mattress. Stress, tension, crooked spine or muscular problems can cause orthopedic problems. Often the problem is also due to an old, sagging slatted frame.

What to look for when buying a slatted frame?

But if your back or neck pain is on the mattress, a good orthopedic mattress can help support the spine and keep it straight. To develop an orthopedic effect, u.a. also pay attention to the degree of hardness, the point elasticity and pressure relief. Click here for the best orthopedic mattresses.

Best soft mattress

Many people like it a bit softer. That’s why we’ve tested models in this important category in our “Best Soft Mattress” category. For a softer feeling, the best soft mattress should have enough stability. In addition, in a softer mattress to pay special attention to the healthy alignment of the spine, otherwise quickly creates a hollow back. Click here for the best soft mattresses.

The best mattress for mattresses

Each type of mattress has special advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing the best mattress you should pay attention to which material suits you best.

Best visco mattress

The best visco mattress has an extremely high body fit and point elasticity and a high level of comfort. It is especially suitable for people who prefer a quieter sleep and a little warmer. Visco mattresses are also recommended as orthopedic mattresses due to their pressure relief.

Best spring mattress

The best spring mattress has a very good breathability and is more robust. This makes them stable and suitable for heavy people and back and abdominal sleepers. Even people who often sweat, get along well with a spring mattress. Because it has a good moisture transport and a very good breathability.

Best cold foam mattress

The best cold foam mattress has a very good point elasticity, a cuddly feeling and high comfort. It is especially suitable for people who sleep a little warmer. Restless sleepers usually cope well with the cold foam mattress. For couples, the best cold foam mattress is a good choice due to low movement transfer.

Best latex mattress

Even the best latex mattress is very point elastic and has good ergonomic properties. It has a high rebound force and is very elastic. That also makes them very durable. Many people like the pleasant feeling of lying on a latex mattress.

Best gel foam mattress

The best gel foam mattress is also very point elastic, has a cooler sleeping environment and a low movement transfer.

The best mattresses from Stiftung Warentest

The mattress test of Stiftung Warentest has traditionally received a lot of attention in the industry. Because the long-established testing institute still enjoys a very high level of trust in Germany. Even a few manufacturers, such as eve, could no longer assert themselves on the German market after a poor Stiftung Warentest rating. Recently, however, there have been increasing critical voices against the foundation.

For example, the Fachverband Matratzen Industrie accuses the Stiftung Warentest of systematically favoring, promoting and even enriching mattresses, the long-term test winner Bett1 Bodyguard. Because the bed1 is now in the mattress test in October 2018 repeatedly test winner. The Stiftung Warentest repeatedly points out the good lying characteristics and the cheap price of the bodyguard. It often gets forgotten that he also gives good other mattresses.

How does Stiftung Warentest test? Which model got which test grade? Learn more.

Only recently, the Stiftung Warentest has again examined mattresses. The test 03/2019 was about the mattress type spring mattresses. The result: even here, none of the tested mattress achieved nearly as good a result as Bodyguard.
Only a few mattresses performed well with a good result. The winner of the test and the grade 2.3 (GOOD) were the models Hn8 Sleep System Dynamic TFK and the MFO Classic Mattress.