See here the list of Top 10 best high chair reviews. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones
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The best high chairs 2019

1. Everything you should know about our highchair comparison

There is much to consider when the family gets bigger and a baby has announced itself. In order for the child to be fully integrated from the start and to be able to share in family life in every situation, a highchair is one of the most important items in the first months of life. When young parents want to buy a high chair, they quickly realize that the market holds many different models and that they should be more involved in the matter until the decision is made.

The highchair testhighlights all the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby chair. Whether you ultimately decide on a high chair with reclining function, a high chair with table, a high chair with baby seat or a practical combination high chair is up to you. Our job is to take a closer look at the offer and the manufacturers, and provide you with test reports that will help you decide who should call you the best highchair.

2. The most important purchase criteria for high chairs

If a high chair is cheap, then this is already a plus. In the high chair testwill highlight other factors that you should consider in order to buy a high chair that consistently convinces. A Nomi highchair, a Roba highchair or a highchair with a seesaw should be carefully selected. Many parents appreciate it when the high chair is foldable.

2.1. The highchair in use:

Generally speaking, a chair is only suitable for children who are comfortable with sitting. A high chair with reclining function can also be used for babies. Many highchairs are only for children up to the age of about two years. If a stairchair is designed and stable, it can withstand the weight of an adult.

2.2. The kind

Before making a purchase, you should ask yourself what tasks the Baby Highchair will have in your home. Stair high chairs fulfill their purpose if they are intended for placement at the common dining table. The multi-purpose high chair offers more combination options, but also requires more space. If the child should also receive a game table at the same time and occupy himself for a longer time in a highchair, then a combination high chair is advisable.

2.3. The material

Of course, the highchair comparison winner also looks at the material. Not least of all, a highchair is built to be sturdy and is a harmless and pollutant-free material. The experience reports show that high chairs made of wood are very popular. Whether the wood is left natural or painted white, is a matter of taste. Pay close attention to the information provided by the manufacturer, as many paints and paints contain harmful substances and are unsuitable for the treatment of natural wood furniture for children. Often there are high chairs made of plastic. The flexible and easy-to-clean material is particularly suitable for travel high chairs, but is less suitable for prolonged use.

2.4. The security

The high chair winner is in any case a model, which meets all standards in terms of safety. In general, the safety is superficially to pay attention. Whether the high chair can be bought cheaply and how the high chair looks like, should rather be of secondary importance. For a high chair with a seesaw or even if a high chair is foldable, the safety instructions on the product or in the instructions supplied should be clearly recognizable. Corresponding information must be supplied with each combination high chair if it complies with EU standard 1488-1: 2006.

3. The brands

The market knows the most different manufacturers of high chairs. As part of the highchair comparison, names such as Roba, Bloom, Peg Perego, Joie, Timba, Safety 1st, Leander or Storchenmühle appear. The list of manufacturers is still much longer. Therefore, we have listed some brands separately.

3.1. Hauck

A hauck high chair is a solid brand product. The high chair made of wood offers a high level of stability and is easy to clean. The baby chair is solid and meets all safety standards. Another advantage is the comparatively cheap price, which must be paid for a hauck highchair. The hauck sit n relax is a flexible baby highchair. The hauck sit n relax can be 7 times höhenverstellen and can already be used by newborns.

3.2. Stokke

A Stokke highchair is a comfortable table seat for babies and toddlers. A highchair for baby, which grows along with it and ensures an ergonomically correct sitting position in the toddler, is a worthwhile purchase. Another advantage is the variety of colors in the Stokke highchair. The Tripp Trapp highchair is a declared highchair comparison winner. The Stiftung Warentest praises the advantages of Tripp Trapp in terms of stability and adjustment options. A Tripp Trapp highchair can accompany the child into elementary school age as reliable seating furniture.

3.3. Chicco

If you are looking for a growing highchair, Chicco also has the right models for you. A Chicco highchair provides maximum seating comfort with its sixfold height adjustment on the seat and the three-way adjustable backrest. The tray is removable from the Chicco highchair and can also be used as a placemat.

3.4. Geuther

Growing high chairs are also provided by Geuther. A Geuther highchair is made of solid wood and can be adjusted several times. Since a Geuther high chair is quite cheap to buy, it can be assumed that the price is good.

3.5. Herlag

Natural materials are also in the foreground of a Herlag high chair. The paint is completely environmentally friendly and the four-way adjustable seat depth is a Herlag high chair a reliable companion for babies and toddlers.

3.6. Nomi

A Nomi high chair can be selected for different ages. The Nomi baby is suitable for children from birth to the age of six months. From half a year to two years, the Nomi mini can be used. In the Nomi highchair children over the age of two keep the overview in the Nomi highchair.