See here the list of Top 10 best probiotic supplement. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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What are “prebiotics”?

Who takes probiotics, should also pay attention to the intake of prebiotics from food. These are substances such as inulin, which the probiotic bacteria need to work. Only through the interaction of prebiotics and probiotics does a healthy intestinal flora develop.

Are probiotic supplements also suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Probiotics as supplements or probiotic foods are safe. So far, there are some studies on the use of probiotics in pregnancy, which investigate a possible connection between ingestion and minimization of allergies in the baby.
However, these results are not valid so far, but need further research. If children have colic, bloating or diarrhea, you can give them a natural probiotic. If your child is particularly susceptible to colds and other infections, this may indicate a weakened immune system, which you can restore and improve with probiotic supplements.

Should I use probiotics for antibiotics?

Every bowel is different, so it is difficult to make a recommendation or discourage taking it. Furthermore, there are currently no valid results from studies carried out.
However, the fact is that antibiotics can reduce the number of bacteria in the intestine, because so-called broad-spectrum antibiotics kill bacterial strains and inflammation in the body. A recovery of the intestinal flora by probiotics cure is therefore not outlandish. In particular, since the immune system of the elderly or children is prone to bowel disease, you can take a course of treatment in consultation with your doctor.

How fast do probiotics work?

To restore the intestinal flora after illness or taking antibiotics you should take probiotics for at least two weeks. The bacteria multiply in the intestine and build their protection. Keep in mind that only a long-term application can achieve the desired results and lessen the effect of interruption.

Can you lose weight with probiotics?

In the search for the magic remedy for fast weight loss people are usually afraid of nothing, except healthy nutrition and exercise. The industry is therefore promoting tablets, capsules or powders that promise to lose weight quickly, effectively and effortlessly. The idea behind probiotics: What is healthy for the intestines, should also help with weight loss.

Yes, you can theoretically decrease with probiotics. Studies have found that a healthy intestinal flora prevents the increase in fat and thus prevents the accumulation of fat. However, only under the following conditions: Subjects were given certain probiotic bacteria. While taking the subjects actually took off, but again after discontinuation of the probiotic.

Conclusion: You can only lose weight if you take the “right” bacteria. These include lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus gasseri or Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Successful weight loss works in the long term only with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, probiotics support this healthy lifestyle.

Who can benefit from probiotics?

If you’re wondering what kind of people can benefit from probiotics, here’s your answer:

  • People with digestive problems – The people who can benefit most from probiotics are digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and other digestive disorders. These people can benefit greatly from the beneficial gut flora found in every probiotic capsule, as these bacteria help to regulate the digestive system and restore the body’s natural ability to properly digest and process food.
  • Anyone who has taken antibiotics recently – If you have recently taken antibiotics, it is a good idea to include a probiotic in your diet, no matter what the reasons for doing so. Why? Well, antibiotics kill intestinal bacteria. They are designed to eliminate the harmful bacteria that cause your health problem, but unfortunately, they also destroy the good bacteria your body needs to function properly. By adding a probiotic, your gut flora can be replaced to restore a normal digestive system.
  • Vegan probiotics are naturally found in certain foods, but the best food sources are mostly dairy products such as yogurt and kefir. For vegans and others who avoid dairy products, it can be difficult to get enough good bacteria in your natural diet – although there are some vegan dietary sources of probiotics. Supplements can increase your natural intake and improve digestive health.
  • Men and women of all ages – Long story short, just about anyone can benefit from these products. These products generally do not contain any gender specific ingredients. Therefore, the best products for men are generally the same as for women. Even if you consider yourself a healthy person, you can still benefit from a good supplement to improve your gut flora.

How do I take probiotics?

These supplements are generally included in the form of pills or capsules. They are reasonably priced and available in both online and supplementary stores.

Each product contains slightly different dosages and instructions for use. Pay attention therefore to the bottle of your respective supplement.

In general, it is best to take probiotics with other foods in the stomach.

If you take a pill on an empty stomach, it may occasionally cause minor discomfort. Therefore, it is a good idea to take them with a meal.

As with any supplement, it is important to follow the instructions on the product packaging . Take the recommended dose and follow the instructions – do not take more than recommended if you first talk to your doctor!

Also note – you should be careful if you keep probiotic supplements.

These capsules contain live cultures, bacteria and microorganisms.

Because they actually live, they are sensitive to temperature increases and other improper storage techniques.

Depending on the product and how it is done, your supplement may or may not recommend cold . Read the product box to determine if you need to cool your capsules.

Although no refrigeration is required, make sure your capsules are not exposed to direct sunlight and that the temperature does not rise too much (so do not store the bottle near your oven!).

This is another reason why you should buy probiotics from good sources. As these products age, they slowly lose their effectiveness. So do not buy from discounted websites or unknown sources.

Buy only quality products from reputable companies. Note: We have done some work for you with our list above.

How long does it take for probiotics to work?

It really depends on what you use it for. In general, they can work pretty fast, and you should see the results within a week, but it really depends on what you use them for.

Are there any side effects of probiotics?

If you are taking probiotics for constipation, digestive problems, strengthening your immune system, or any other reason, you should be aware of the possible side effects. In general, you will not experience side effects from taking probiotic supplements as long as you follow the instructions and do not take too much. However, with that being said, there are a few possible side effects of probiotics to note:

Stomach discomfort / gas: In some people after taking probiotics mild stomach discomfort, dizziness or bloating occur. That’s pretty rare, but it does happen. For some, it makes sense to take these supplements on a full stomach to avoid this potential side effect. As a general rule, people with a weakened immune system, such as chronic diseases, are more likely to receive gas from these supplements.

Allergic reaction: Very rarely do people experience allergic reactions to ingredients found in probiotics. It’s rare, but it happens – though, the same could be said for almost every supplement and food product outside!

Note: Consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

How do I choose a good probiotic product?

Since there are many different types of supplements from many different companies, it can often be difficult to choose the best one for you.

Let us consider what to look for when choosing a supplement:

  • Probiotic content – First of all, look at the actual number of probiotic cultures (measured in CFU or colony forming units) in each capsule. Generally it will be a HUGE number, like 10 or 50 billion. This number is useful for comparing two different products, but does not tell you everything you need to know.
  • Types of Probiotics – As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of beneficial bacteria. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium though it is the two most common, different strains within each of these categories. If your doctor has told you to take a particular culture, look closely to the ingredient labels.
  • Brand Quality – There are a lot of companies that make these supplements, and they are not all created equal! The most trusted probiotic brands use quality ingredients, thorough quality controls and rigorous testing to produce the best possible product. Lower quality brands cut and deliver lower quality products. Read users reviews to find the best brands, or see the list of recommendations above.
  • Value – The price should not be the main decision factor, but it is always a factor (unless you are rich!). Keep track of the price per serving or per day for each product you compare. However, they do not necessarily want cheap probiotics, so look for a quality option at a reasonable price.