See here the list of Top 10 best baby cribs. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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1. What is a baby bed?

Baby cots are special sleeping furniture for infants and toddlers between 0 and 2 years old . These beds have an extra frame or grille to keep a baby from falling out. Some models can be removed with a grid several rods, so that older infants can climb through here and do not hurt when climbing over.

Basically there is a cot

  • a mattress,
  • an adjustable slatted frame,
  • a grid or frame as well
  • a bed frame, which partially has rollers.

Safety and well-being play an important role in the parents of infants. In that regard, many baby cots are also equipped with a sky and a nest . The nest reduces the size of the actual lying surface of an infant because it does not occupy the entire surface in the first few weeks and months.

This prevents the child from accidentally lying on his stomach and suffocating. In contrast, the sky ensures sufficient shading. Sunlight shining through a window can not cause any damage to that extent. Depending on the model and size, depending on the size of the sky, a more or less large area can be shaded.

It was particularly convenient when the slatted frame was height adjustable in a test . In this way, these beds could be set particularly back-friendly for the parents in all tests. Most babies need to be taken out of bed for further care. Since a low slatted frame in the test was quite exhausting.

1.1. Baby bed: evaluation of the customer reviews

On Amazon, there is a large selection of baby cots. The most popular are white and many models also have a sky. There are also some fancy baby cots, such as the WALDIN baby crib in the form of a stroller. The parents are apparently ready to spend the 200 euros for a baby cot, often including mattress, the quality of the mattress is often criticized.

Cot roba Roombed 60 x 120 cm (622 reviews, 3.8 stars): The Cot roba is the cot with most customer reviews on Amazon, For less than 200 euros gets a baby bed with complete facilities. There is a mattress, linens and a sky and several playful design variations with stars or birds. All materials are praised by the manufacturer as “pollutant-free”. There is no seal, however. The bed has a fabric side with zipper and wheels, so it can be used both as a bassinet next to the parent’s bed, as well as a cot. Many parents like the bed very well, but many complain about the build quality. Many buyers had to re-drill holes. The most helpful review contains instructions on how to remedy the weaknesses of the bed itself.

Baby cot roba Additional bed 80 x 80 cm (436 Ratings, 3.7 Stars): There are only 3 pages for roba’s cot and bassinet – this annoys many. A 4th page can be ordered at roba for about 20 euros, but this was apparently not clear to many when buying. The holes seem to fit here and if you’re not a “double left-hander”, the setup is not a problem. The praise is the “cute” look and that there is under the side bed a shelf with two compartments for storage of burp cloths, etc.

Cot FabiMax BASIC 90 x 55 cm (185 Ratings, 4.6 Stars): Also this extra bed has only 3 pages, but as it is also shown in the product photo, the buyers are not disappointed. They use it next to the parents’ bed and are mostly very convinced. It was easy to set up and very stable. Some feel that the mattress is too thin.

Baby Cot Schardt Complete Bed Classic 70 x 140 cm (159 Ratings, 3.6 Stars): It is a complete set with sky, mattress and bed linen. The structure is simple and the bed is very “pretty”. There is criticism regarding the mattress. This is just a simple foam mat. The buyers doubt that the DIN standard for baby mattresses comply. As weexplain in detailin the sub-item “Baby bedmattressin Stiftung Warentest Test”, the mattresses must not be too soft, so that the head of the child does not sink too low in the prone position (danger of sudden infant death). There are therefore many buyers who have bought a separate mattress. This is still ok for the price.

Cot WALDIN Bassinet (140 Ratings, 4.6 Stars): This bassinet looks like a stroller and many buyers are blown away. It was a true “dream bassinet”. Unfortunately, the exact size is not mentioned. But it should fit according to the buyer for about the first 7 months.

Baby bed Belivin 2in1 70 x 140 cm (104 Ratings, 4.5 Stars): The cot Belivin can later be converted to a junior bed, which many buyers find good. It is stable and robust. Many customers praise the good price-performance ratio and that the manufacturer gives a 7-year guarantee.

2. How does a baby cot work?

A cot is usually placed in the immediate vicinity of the parents . Especially in the first months, the cradle or the bassinet is usually in the bedroom of the parents. Somewhat older toddlers already have their cot in their own children’s room. Again, this should not be close to the parents’ bedroom. Almost all baby cots from a test are provided with a side grid or a fixed demarcation . This is to prevent babies from falling out of bed . For easy removal of the baby, some grids can slide down or remove completely. Other models are also designed so that individual rungs can be removed .

If it happens more frequently that our youngest ones try to climb over the grid of their cot on their own, we should consider whether it is not time to completely remove the grid. High quality baby cots can also be converted into a child and youth bed with a few simple steps . Functional are the traditional children’s cradles . Most models have no design by design, but are designed as a rocker . With a cradle, our youngest can be easily rocked to sleep.

A similar function also has the traditional bassinet . As a rule, these are provided with rollers and at the same time offer a slight rocking movement. It should only be considered that the lying area of ​​these beds is usually only large enough for infants . The baby bed test winners presented in various tests meet the requirements of individual adjustment options, high lying comfort and high safety equipment.

3. Advantages & Applications

In our baby bed comparison 2019 we would like to explain briefly, which advantages and applications come into play here. Understandably, baby cots are only needed for a short period of about two years , then the youngest are out of the baby cot. The advantages of a baby bed are obvious. Understandably, the parents want to keep babies and toddlers safe and therefore need a place to sleep, from which children can not fall out . In addition, these cots must be sufficiently padded, so that there is a very pleasant lying and sleeping comfort.

For the first few weeks and months , baby beds are usually in the parents’ bedroom , so they can be immediately on the spot at the first sign. Later, these beds can also be placed in their own nursery. Advantageous are those models that virtually grow with the child. Many renowned brand manufacturers offer for this purpose baby cots, which can be converted into a small youth bed with a few simple steps . For this purpose, usually only the side grids must be removed .


  • safe sleeping place for babies,
  • height-adjustable lying surface,
  • variable bars,
  • Conversion as a cot.

4. What types of baby cots are there?

It becomes exciting in a  baby bed test when it comes to the different types. In our comparison, we would like to introduce you to the traditional cradles therefore also the wooden cots or cots.

4.1. The cradle

The traditional cradle is a swinging, wooden cot , which can be rocked by the infant’s own movement or by the caregiver. These baby cots have been around since antiquity and are still very popular today.

Cradles usually consist of a basket-like structure with a wooden, rounded foot that allows a rocking motion . But models in all-wood design are known. Most of the cradles have a so-called sky as a protective roof and are provided on the inside with a nest, which provides a soft grip on the sides.

  • advantages
  • disadvantage
  • safe and cozy sleeping place for babies,
  • rocking movement.

4.2. The bassinet

A bassinet is structured like a cradle . Instead of a rounded footprint for the swinging movement, a bassinet is usually equipped with a wooden frame and wheels. In this way, this cot can also be maneuvered comfortably in the room.

Bassinets usually have a sky and are equipped in a basket-like structure with a nest. These models are particularly filigree and are also suitable only for infants. Bassinets and cradles are often considered equivalent . The first models come from the wheelbarrow or cart, with which the peasant population transported their children.

  • advantages
  • disadvantage
  • cozy sleeping place for babies,
  • rollable.

4.3. The additional bed

A special form takes the so-called additional bed. It is suitable for those who want to have a baby cot close to their own bed. For this reason, an extra bed always has an open bed side without bars to the parent’s bedside. All other three pages are closed. An order bed also offers the possibility for parents to make physical contact with their infant .

  • advantages
  • disadvantage
  • safe sleeping place for babies,
  • set up close to the parents’ bed,
  • Body contact possible,
  • already available at low cost.

4.4. The actual cot or crib

The typical baby bed consists of a frame with slatted frame, a fixed head and foot section and side bars . This prevents the baby from rolling out or an unwanted baby climbs out . Baby cots can be placed separately in both the parents’ bedroom and the nursery. Depending on the model, these beds also have a sky and a nest. Ideally, a good baby bed should consist of a solid real wood frame .

It is advantageous that if necessary, individual bars can be removed, so that slightly larger children can climb out of bed by itself. In addition, these beds offer the option of being converted into a youth bed by removing the bars .

  • advantages
  • disadvantage
  • cozy sleeping place for babies,
  • can be set up separately,
  • individual bars can be removed
  • Conversion into a youth bed possible,
  • can be used for a long time.

5. So the baby beds were tested

From many tests on baby beds, we have put together different test criteria, with which we have compared the different models.

5.1. The material quality

Most cots or cribs are made of sturdy beech or pine wood . Particularly advantageous are the natural products, so that possible paints can not evaporate even after a long time. If you still want to have a cot in a different livery, then you should make sure that the paint is saliva-resistant and healthy.

5.2. The slatted frame

Ideally, the slatted frame should be height adjustable . This is the only way the baby bed grows and facilitates care by the parents. In a test, several models were found, which offer a threefold adjustment. Other manufacturers offer much more setting options. The most common heights are with

  • 18 cm,
  • 34 cm and
  • 47 cm

specified. The comparative test winners also have a height-adjustable slatted frame.

5.3. The bars

Baby cots are provided with bars on both sides . The distances are standardized and range between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. This is to prevent that the babies get stuck there with arms and legs. All Testiger has compared the expert tests have removable rungs, so that older infants can climb there on their own later from the bed.

5.4. Roll

Not all beds in many tests were provided with roles. This option can be very convenient, especially if you need to move a cot in the room. In all tests, the test subjects also dealt with the wheeled models.

6. What do I have to look for when buying a baby bed?

We would like to give you the following points so that you can make a possible purchase decision.

6.1. Stability

When buying a cot, make sure you have a high level of stability and a stable construction . Under no circumstances should a baby cot fall over during a child’s movement or by pushing it around. Most manufacturers will show you exactly what to look for in the relevant assembly instructions.

6.2. Quality of workmanship

As we have already mentioned, high quality cots are made of solid real wood. Regardless of whether the wood is natural or painted, care should be taken to ensure that there are no sharp edges or protruding nails, screws or the like . You must also pay attention to detachable small parts, so that they can not be inadvertently swallowed by the toddler. Rounded edges are best here. Of course, you should pay attention to a material that is absolutely free of pollutants .

6.3. Height-adjustable slatted frame

Here we would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that an adjustable floor can be particularly useful when caring for a toddler. So you do not always have to bend too deeply into the cot to get to the baby.

6.4. The handling of the bars

Likewise, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the distances of the bars must comply with the usual norm. Here we refer to the previously made remarks. It is practical if individual bars can be removed and if at least one complete side of the bed rails can be removed . In this way, you can continue to use a cot as a cot later.

6.5. Including mattress

It is quite advantageous if you get a matching mattress  delivered to the baby bed . Here, most baby cots have different reclining areas, so you’ll later have problems finding a custom-fit mattress.

6.6. Price-performance ratio

For a good baby bed you have to expect an average of 150 to 170 euros upwards . Many low priced noname brands have shortcomings. Therefore, think first and foremost of the well-being of your child.

7. Brief information on leading manufacturers

IIn our Baby Bed Comparison  2019, we have selected the best known and most important brand manufacturers for you . Below you can find out about their special features.

7.1. Roba

A well-known German children’s furniture manufacturer is the Roba Baumann GmbH with seat in Ebersdorf. For more than 85 years, the company has been working in the furniture industry, specializing in beautifully designed children’s furniture. Innovation, quality and safety play an important role at Roba. The Roba product range includes, for example, baby cots and cots, bunk beds, changing tables, cabinets and shelves, seating groups, as well as textiles and toys. Roba baby cots are available in various designs as a cot and also as an extra bed.

7.2. Pinolino

In 1997, the German family business Pinolino Kinderträume GmbH was founded in Münster. Originally, the company imported wooden toys and children’s furniture from Romania. Due to close contact with the woodworking industry, the children’s furniture division has been expanded considerably. In addition to complete children’s room facilities, changing tables, storage boxes, seating and toys, of course, the numerous baby beds should not go unmentioned.

Particularly noteworthy is that most Pinolino baby cots are easily convertible as a child and youth bed. The beds are available natural or in white lacquering, whereby great importance is attached to the observance of environmentally friendly and harmless processing techniques. In many cases you have to order the mattress separately from Pinolino.

7.3. LCP Kids

Behind the label LCP Kids hides the German trading company LCP Handels GmbH based in Crailsheim. The company comes from classic direct sales and has been active in online marketing since 2009. LCP Kids specializes in baby and children’s items. Today, behind the brand is a leading wholesaler of baby products.

Here we find children’s car seats, stroller, children’s vehicles, complete baby equipment, toys and high-quality children’s furniture. In addition to the typical baby cots, LCP Kids also offers modern side beds. Special highlights of the LCP Kids baby cots are the integrated drawers below the lying surface . The side grills are equipped with corresponding slip rungs, so that larger children can climb out there comfortably. The slatted frame is also height adjustable.

7.4. Baby flower

The baby flower label is distributed by the German baby-market wholesaler Babyland GmbH based in Singen. The company offers a wide selection of baby fashion, toys, toiletries, children’s seating and, of course, baby and youth beds. Baby flower cots are characterized by a simple, natural wood design and still convince with an excellent build quality . Although the mattress must be purchased separately from this provider, the slatted frame can be adjusted in height several times. Likewise, individual slip rungs can be removed from the grid side.

7.5. Comfort baby

The label ComfortBaby comes from the German baby supplier Olymp & Olipa GmbH based in Leubsdorf. The company offers a variety of baby and children’s furniture as well as a wide selection of strollers and strollers. A special highlight of the Comfort Baby baby cots is the mostly oval bed form made of solid beech wood. This bed has a baby-friendly finish and can also be used as a playpen, table or chair. In addition to a particularly easy assembly, the ComfortBaby series impresses with first-class workmanship.