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Which pram is the right one? – This question will probably ask all expecting parents. With the various stroller brands and models that are now on the market, it’s not so easy to keep track: There are prams and multi-functional models, buggies, joggers and sibling strollers. Thus, there is not a baby carriage.

How to choose a stroller and what a pram?

But if you know a little in advance what to look for in prams and prams and what is important to you personally, you can soon explore the world together with your child. This pram comparison introduces you to five different prams. For those of you who are looking for a sports car (buggy / jogger) or a sibling stroller you will find a matching product comparison on babys10.

Pram: What is it? What does it mean?

What is a pram and what does it differ from a stroller, buggy or jogger? A pram or a 3in1 system combines baby seat (car seat) , carrycot and sports car or stroller in one. Also 2in1 systems that combine baby bath and buggy in a model, are super practical. The advantage of this pram is that it grows with your child and you only once have to buy a stroller that accompanies you from the birth of your child for several years.

The baby seat or the children’s tub attachment are suitable for your baby from the first day of life and allow completely flat lying and sleeping. The combination models are available with three or four wheels and are suitable for all weather and every occasion thanks to a parasol, rain cover and various cushions. They are the perfect companions when shopping, going for a walk, shopping in the city or traveling by car. If your child is of infancy, the pram can be easily converted into a buggy with another attachment and is a reliable all-round package.

Why prams?

Strollers and in particular prams are in the purchase of one of the most expensive products for babies initial equipment. So for some parents, the question may arise why they need a stroller and whether it might not be a him sling can replace, with which you can carry your newborn close to the body. A sling has many advantages, but can not replace all the positive features of a stroller:

  • In the long run, it can be quite exhausting to carry the little Fratz from A to B – a stroller is now easy to push and folded quickly.
  • Your child can be quite comfortably rocked to sleep and can stretch out and sleep peacefully in the baby bath.
  • In summer, it can get pretty warm with such a small wonneproppen on the belly – in the stroller your sparrow is perfectly protected from heat and sunlight.
  • Thanks to the pram, your darling is not only in the shade, but is also protected from wind and weather. If it starts to pour, you can protect your sweetheart and stroller with a practical rain cover from the wet.
  • In winter, it is also cold and uncomfortable for your offspring outside. All the better that he does not have to freeze and can sleep in the stroller with a cuddly footmuff.
  • If you have your baby in a sling, you are very flexible and always have both hands free. For a few small errands or a short walk, this is ideal. But what if it takes a bit longer and you want to do a bulk purchase? Then a stroller has to come here, which can store a lot of diapers and co in the spacious shopping basket. For a trip to the playground or to the lake, a stroller is therefore also ideally suited.
  • Are you a sportsman and you want to stay fit with your child? Then you should buy a stroller that has a buggy or jogger attachment, which can then be used, for example, in your Buggyfit or other sports courses perfectly.

Who needs prams?

Thus, the question of who needs a stroller is unnecessary. A stroller is an absolute must-have and should not be missed. If you find a new stroller too expensive or if you have a low income, then you have the option to apply for a grant from various state agencies or private foundations. Where and how you can apply for financial support, you can read the article about initial equipment in the babys10 article .

What is important in a stroller / pram & note?

Since a stroller is a rather expensive purchase, you should carefully inform yourself before purchasing about the various models and features. In the following section, you will learn everything about pneumatic and hard rubber wheels as well as pivoting slides. You can also find out about where to park a stroller, how to secure it on the bus or how to properly pack it for a trip on the plane.

What wheels for stroller: What’s better pneumatic tires, hard rubber or plastic wheels?

You’re in a hurry again and do not have much time to get to your appointment on time? A flat tire on the bike always comes at the wrong time and can annoy animal. It’s similar with a stroller. You’re in stress and have spent a lot of time getting your little fidget ready for the routine U-scan, and then the buggy’s out of the air …

That’s the downside of pneumatic tires: they can easily break through broken glass, nails, or other objects that are lying around everywhere. On hard rubber or plastic wheels, however, you do not have this problem. The advantage of pneumatic tires, however, is that they provide a high level of ride comfort for your sparrow. Even with cobblestones and gravel roads, the pneumatic tires cushion the stroller optimally against impact. But even you benefit from a stroller with pneumatic tires, as it is particularly easy to push.

Hard rubber tires are exactly the opposite. They are much more robust and shards, nails and Co can not harm them. However, hard rubber wheels do not bounce off bumps and bumps like tires. Therefore, hard rubber wheels are more suitable for urban areas, pneumatic tires rather for rural areas.

Ultimately, however, you have to decide for yourself which features are important to you in your stroller or the wheels and decide for you what is better. On plastic wheels you should do without, because you will not enjoy much with them. However, plastic tires are rarely installed on strollers and can only be found in the lower price range, if at all.

What is a pusher on the stroller?

A pusher allows you to chauffeur your child on both your trips and walks, both with and against the direction of travel. Especially with newborns and small babies, it makes sense that your sweetheart can always look at you and you have eye contact with him. As your child grows older, she wants to discover and get to know the exciting world around her every day. All the better that you can adjust the swing gate and drive your little passenger with a view to the front.

Since a pram is to be used for several years from birth on and is used both for infants and for kindergarten children, it is important that the stroller has a pivoting slide. So you can change the direction of travel of the stroller depending on your child’s stage of development and also adapt to the weather. If it storms properly and it rains again twine from the sky, it is quite handy if you can turn the swing gate 180 degrees, so at least your child comes home dry.

How to place prams on the bus & secure them like prams?

You travel a lot by bus and train and ask yourself how in the future you should park or secure your stroller with your most valuable cargo on the bus? Do not worry, babys10 has also put together all the important information on this question:

  • Not every bus and not every train is barrier-free, ie steps or too high entrances can make it difficult for you to access the vehicle. But do not worry, many passengers are attentive enough and offer you their help. If not, you can ask your fellow travelers for help.
  • On the bus or in the train there are usually extra parking spaces, which are intended for strollers, strollers and wheelchairs. Place the stroller on the bus only at these places.
  • Always pull the parking brake on the pushchair as soon as you have the car in the right place.
  • Whether you should park your child in or against the direction of travel in the stroller on the bus, always depends on the age of your child and the bus. If your child is in the stroller, you place the stroller in the direction of travel. If your baby is already in the buggy, then you should secure the stroller against the direction of travel in the bus.
  • Depending on how many baby carriages are in the bus, you can also put the car on the side and secure with the parking brake.

Where baby carriages turn off?

Do you live in a small apartment in a multiple dwelling, then many parents ask themselves the question, where they should turn off the stroller, when their little treasure is finally in the world. Unfortunately, there are no rules, as it always depends on the premises. If there is enough space, you can park the stroller in the hallway.

Do you have a spacious cellar or underground parking in the house, then it is also possible that you park the stroller there. If all of these options are not considered by you for a variety of reasons, then you often have no choice but to take the stroller with you to the apartment. This is certainly not optimal, but it is not for a very long time and besides, you can now fold most prams very quickly and easily.

How to ship / ship prams & pack for airplane?

If you would like to know how to ship your stroller or pack it for the plane, then you should read the article from babys10 to buggies . There you will learn everything about how you can ship your stroller or travel with you.

Clean like prams

The regular cleaning of the stroller is important, since wind and weather and baby sticky patch hands can clog up the new car. If the wheels or the frame are heavily soiled with dirt or residues of road salt, then it can not hurt to wash off the coarsest dirt with the garden hose or a watering can. If you also use a sponge and a little washing up liquid, then the stroller looks almost like new again and is ideally suited for the next ride through mud puddles.

Removable cushions and covers of the stroller can be packed completely in the washing machine. For all other covers, it is sufficient if you work the stain with warm water, sponge and some Spüli or detergent. Even wet wipes can work wonders for smaller soiling. If it is a very stubborn stain, then the affected area can previously with a stain spray treated .

Who repairs prams & stroller wheels?

For example, if a wheel of your pushchair broke or broke, then the trouble is great. But who do you turn to when the stroller breaks down and who repairs it again? If the defects occur during the warranty period, then you should first contact the dealer or manufacturer. Then you usually get the right spare part sent. However, if the warranty has expired or you have bought your stroller used cheap on the Internet, then it can be difficult. Ask the manufacturer anyway, if you can buy the missing spare part there or look online, if someone offers the right part.

Where prams can be repaired?

Maybe even a daddy or a hobby tinker from the circle of friends can help and bring the stroller back on track. If you do not find it, you can stop by at a baby market selling prams and ask if they can help you. You may also ask in a bicycle shop, there may be someone there to fix the pram. Otherwise, you could also find the Internet and googling for a pram workshop in your area.

How long to use prams?

Thanks to the various attachments, a pram can be used from birth through to nursery school age, so that your sparrow can be chauffeured in its great stroller for many years.

Why does not child like to lie in the stroller?

For a few babies, they may simply dislike the stroller and prefer to stay with Mom on the arm. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a recipe for getting your little sweetheart used to the stroller. Try it out with a stroller chain , babies favorite stuffed animal or a T-shirt that smells like Mama, and put it to your darling in the stroller. As soon as your dwarf lies in the stroller, you walk with him and soothe him with your reassuring voice, he will peacefully fall asleep through the slight rocking movements.

Stroller: What do you need & what has to be clean?

Now you have been able to find out in detail what you have to pay attention to in a stroller and perhaps you already have one or the other prams in the short list. But what do you need for a stroller and what is needed? In the following section, you will learn what must not be missing in your baby’s new racer.

What to put on stroller in mattresses & on mattress?

Of course, the perfect mattress should not be missing in every pram or stroller with carrycot . Most baby strollers carry a baby mattress. However, this mattress can be a bit thin. Read the baby mattresses test and comparison of babys10 best and inform you about the best baby mattresses for prams, cradles or bassinet. Have you found the perfect mattress for your stroller, then of course, the matching fitted sheet and a cuddly soft baby bedding not be missing.

Why baby stroller chain & how to attach?

Now your little darling boy lies soft and comfortable in his pram and can plunge peacefully into the land of dreams. If your little sparrow but cheerfully, must be taken care of the perfect entertainment. How about, for example, a colorful stroller chain that you can easily attach to the stroller and makes your rascal in a good mood. The pram chain you can easily attach with clamp rings, clips or loops on the rain and sun canopy of the stroller, so every trip with the cheerful animals to an adventure.

Why lay cloth over baby carriage?

Are you in the city on the road, you see every now and again a stroller, on which a cloth is. That can have several reasons:

  • The cloth protects against sunlight, insects and sometimes also against heat.
  • A cloth shields your little sparrow from prying eyes and offers a cozy atmosphere in the stroller.
  • In addition, a cloth darkens the stroller a little and dampens the ambient noise, so that on your little passenger not too many impressions simultaneously rain down.

However, you should keep a few things in mind if you want to put a cloth over the stroller:

  • It is important that the air can circulate well under the cloth or in the stroller, otherwise it will quickly become too warm and quite uncomfortable for your little dwarf.
  • Even the cloth itself must be permeable to air. Therefore, many parents use the familiar burp cloth , which they usually and with you. But a thin, breathable Still scarf or Molto towels are alike.
  • It is also important that you attached the cloth properly on the stroller, otherwise it lands quickly in the stroller or on the floor and is guaranteed not stay long at the desired location. Depending on the stroller you can tie the ends of the cloth to the soft top or attach with the help of a stroller chain. Clothespins are also always a wonderful alternative.
  • Always make sure that the air can circulate well, regardless of whether the cloth is only partially or over the entire stroller.

What to put baby in the stroller?

Many parents often ask themselves what they should wear to their child in a stroller. Simply orientate yourself at the respective temperature or season and rely entirely on your mum or dad instinct. In addition, it always depends on whether the stroller is equipped with a footmuff or a blanket . It’s best to follow the well-tried onion principle and put several layers on top of each other. If it gets too warm, you simply take your jacket and cap from your sweetheart . In the buggy test and comparison of babys10 you can find more information about what you can put your child in the stroller.

How to equip strollers in winter?

In winter, it can get pretty cold and uncomfortable, especially when your little sweetheart is chauffeured in the stroller and barely moves. So how should the stroller be properly equipped in winter, so that your sweetheart can enjoy the walk over the Christmas market as well as you? In addition to the right winter- proof clothing, the matching footmuff or a cuddly blanket must not be missing.

Why lambskin footmuff in the stroller?

In the footmuff test and comparison of babys10 you will find out everything about footmuffs for prams as well as about baby blanket covers, which can be used both in winter and in summer. You can also find out why it does not always have to be a sheepskin footmuff and other footmuffs provide a cozy warmth in the stroller.

What do prams cost & why are they so expensive?

Baby carriages are and will remain an expensive purchase. They are supposed to accompany you and your sweetheart for a while every day and have to endure a lot. Therefore, it is not surprising why prams are sometimes a bit more expensive. But what do baby strollers actually cost now?

You already get a pram for € 400 if you buy it again. If you decide for a used stroller, then it can be significantly cheaper. At the top, even with a stroller, there are no limits and you can spend 600, 800 or 1000 € on a pram. In the stroller test and comparison of babys10 you will now learn everything about the test winners, their features, advantages and disadvantages and the price.