See here the list of Top 10 best pencil sharpener. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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1. The best electric pencil sharpeners

At school, in college, at the office or at home we have to sharpen crayons or pencils. The activities determine the need, which can be bigger or smaller. Especially at school or in kindergarten, much is painted with crayons. However, they wear off quickly and they should be sharpened. In order to make the tips by hand not too long, especially in case of increased demand, electric pencil sharpeners are recommended as an acquisition. In the following explanations the best devices are presented.

2. Top 5 electric sharpeners in comparison

2.1. Jk-one office Electric Pencil Sharpener

In kindergarten, painting really starts. In addition to the fine and gross motor skills, the children must also develop their spatial understanding. For example, this is best done artistically with painting. Because holding thick crayons is often easier in the beginning and gives quick results from the child’s eye, thick crayons are recommended at this stage. For this reason, a special electric pencil sharpener, which tips the large pencils or crayons up to 12mm, should not be missing.

2.2. Function USB

The USB function should not be underestimated. For business people could be on the road or in an office can ever be missing batteries, so that the sharpener work.
Then the power supply via USB cable to the laptop or PC is perfect, so the sharpening succeeds. If the mobile devices are always in the same place, the purchase of batteries can be completely eliminated.

2.3. Build electrical pencil sharpener yourself

Today’s modern electric pencil sharpeners are cheap and reliable. In addition, they protect the users and children, so they do not hurt themselves. Doing all this in self-construction and then still cheap with your own material composition seems to be more of a work of art or something for a talented inventor. Whether even then the devices work just as they are industrially produced, is to be doubted.

2.4. Functions and what must be respected

From the above, it becomes clear what users should look out for when buying an electric pencil sharpener. These are to be described comprehensively as follows:

All sizes of pencils should be covered

Security features should be sufficient

Use by battery and also USB cable possible

Is the device easy to clean?

Is the device robust and durable?

2.5. Buy good electric pencil sharpeners: important tips

From the above-mentioned explanations, it becomes clear which devices are particularly suitable for their own needs. From this, the buying tips can be sharpened again as follows:

Private: Occasional tips necessary, price is therefore in the foreground.

Business and study: intensive tips necessary, therefore, the quality and durability is in the foreground.

Kindergarten and Preschool: All pen sizes should be covered, even the big ones.

3. Best manufacturers and brands

There are various suppliers who produce electric pencil sharpeners. The most important of them are named below:

Jk-one office / Cnasa / Homini / Tepoinn / Kasimir / AOBETAK / FUNLAVIE / LATOW / Walsilk / Haosen / Genie

The discounters like liDL, ALDI etc. sometimes also offer electric pencil sharpeners. However, such offers appear sporadically and are not always in the assortment. This has the disadvantage that they may not be available when the user actually needs them.

4. Stiftung Warentest result

Stiftung Warentest has not yet examined the electric pencil sharpeners. Even at the Ökotest, no devices have been tested yet. Instead, the prospective buyer should look under the customer reviews to get useful pros and cons of the individual pencil sharpener. They already provide comprehensive insight into many devices.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of electric pencil sharpeners

There are advantages and disadvantages of electric pencil sharpeners, which are compared below:

Powerful and faster than by hand

Ideal for schools, universities and offices

Many sharpeners are also suitable for the larger pens