See here the list of Top 10 best recumbent bike. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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Recumbent / recumbent tricycle

You are looking for a recumbent bike? We have the right recumbent bike for strong brands. Our selection of brands allows you a wide range of very good recumbent tricycles. Adults and children will find the right recumbent tricycle with us. The little ones climb the KMX K-3 and the big ones choose between the models of many recumbent brands that we present online. If you want to buy a recumbent, you can contact us directly on each product page.

1. ICE Adventure

A recumbent for long tours with upright seating position and a 26 “rear wheel. The ICE Adventure comes with many innovations in suspension, suspension and ergonomics. Of course, the ICE Adventure is also foldable like the Sprint models. It’s sturdy and provides the foundation for stylish travel with a recumbent bike. The adventure models are absolute travel trikes. Whether you want to do a weekend tour or take the challenge of a world trip. If you can count on something then the comfort and reliability of the ICE Adventure Tricycle.

2. ICE Adventure HD

The ICE Adventure HD is a recumbent tricycle with a reinforced frame and a 7 cm wider and 3 cm longer seat. It is a tricycle in XL format and serves especially anyone who is taller and brings a little more body weight. 145 kg rider weight are no problem for the ICE Adventure HD. Everyone feels comfortable here and enjoys the usual comfort of the ICE recumbents. Explode the joint gently? No problem!


With the ICE FULL FAT Trike, you will override prejudice and get through any terrain. Contrary to first suspicions, the fat trike does not ride stiff, but rolls with Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires incredibly well. Rear suspension is standard, front suspension can be installed on individual request also a suspension. This recumbent bike calls for terrain and no matter where you are traveling, you will seek opportunities and follow his call.

4. Driving fun for kids and youth

Children as young as 1.00 m can ride on a recumbent tricycle. The KMX K-3 is ideal for this. It accompanies children from (depending on growth) from 3 years to 10 to 12 years of age. Anyone who decides to go for a recumbent bike for kids, so has the next five years and longer without any problems. And then it can go straight to the KMX Kompact R until a recumbent bike for adults is bought. Alternatively, and depending on the age, can be changed directly to one for adults after the Kinderliegerad. We are happy to advise you on site.

5. KMX K-3 recumbent bike for children

The KMX K-3 is for children from 1.00 m to 1.50 m height . It is infinitely adjustable in this area. BMX, skateboard and other toys were yesterday. Starting today, you’ll be in style driving the KMX K-3 recumbent bike. The cool optics paired with robust technology and two gears, make your friends with envy pale. If you’re more of a teenager by age, you should check out the KMX Kompact R below. This you can drive up to 1.75m in size.

6. KMX Kompact R – recumbent bike for teenagers

With the KMX Kompact R recumbent children and teenagers with a height of 1.35 m to 1.75 m have a lot of fun. It is the perfect pedestal for any ambitious recumbent tricycle driver who would later like to upgrade to an adult trike. With two disc brakes and a sturdy derailleur, the KMX Kompact R does what teenagers think of.

Buy recumbent and test drive

You feel like a recumbent bike? We offer you every recumbent for sale, but we would like the personal advice and instruction in the product. Buying a recumbent tricycle is hardly comparable to buying a bike. We show you on site the foldability and other features. Together we make a test drive and adjust the recumbent optimally to your size and the desired posture. Only when you are happy with your recumbent bike – and we take care of it – can you buy it and take it with you.

Our recumbents are not shipped and are not available online for purchase. The recumbent shipment would only work with a forwarding agency, as a recumbent would otherwise have to be shipped dismantled. We do not want to impose the complete construction of the recumbent on our users, so we decided against shipping and also against an online sale. To still get the online shopping largely, you can view every recumbent tricycle on the detail page and there have a configurator to select accessories, etc. You can also make a non-binding request and request a quote at the same time.

Frequently asked questions about the recumbent

Is it even seen on the road?

Many people ask me this question, which appeals to me especially on the street. In the shop, the question rarely comes up, because these people have already dealt with the subject a bit more. Often the question is asked by people who have just seen me in traffic. What irony, then to ask if one is seen.

It is clear that there are no statistical surveys on this topic. Anyone driving forward in traffic is as well seen on the recumbent bike as on a normal bike – an up, as it is called in the scene. Due to the special appearance most motorists take even more consideration for recumbents. You do not know how fast they are and can not assess them otherwise. In addition, many find the recumbent simply exciting to look at. You can further improve the visibility by big flags, so flags and pennants can be attached to the recumbent bike.

How heavy is a recumbent?

Many models weigh between 13 to 16 kg. If it should be a pure racing machine, you can get up to the 10 kg. Then there is a lot of carbon on the recumbent tricycle and the equipment is without suspension etc. from. However, this weight class is not for normal use. With a weight starting from 13 kg you should count. Then it depends on the equipment. For example, if you want an electric motor, you can expect another 6 to 11 kg extra weight. That’s also the case with the bike. Full suspension? Then the dampers are also more weight. Porter ? And so on. Between 13 to 16 kg you get a very good recumbent tricycle.

Am I faster with a recumbent bike?

Faster than cycling? Yes, because on the recumbent the headwind is much reduced. Before this advantage occurs, you should be patient. The ride on the recumbent bike requires different muscles than on the bike. These must first get used to the new burden. When that’s done, you’ll be faster with the recumbent tricycle than the up with the same effort.

Do I get up steep mountains?

Of course. Many recumbents and me, are even of the opinion that you can manage steeper mountains than with the normal bike. You are sitting in a proper seat and have the backrest as resistance. This will allow you to put more pressure on the pedals and have more power. This is comparable with a cabinet on the wall. As soon as you can place yourself between the cupboard and the wall and be able to use the wall in the back as a pressure surface, the cupboard suddenly moves away from the wall very easily. This effect also has the lying position on the recumbent tricycle.

What is the charm of the recumbent bicycle?

For us it is the combination of sporty driving and very high comfort. In addition, these special wheels awaken childhood memories. Although not the usual tricycle, but on pedal cars such as the Kettcar Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG. Wonderful products that we already loved as children. Those who have had the experience on these pedal cars will love the tours with a special bike like the trikes shown above.

In addition, we find factors like: There is no minimum speed on the mountain, because you can not tip over. You do not have to get off at red traffic lights, but lean back and wait for the green. Head wind has no attack surface and even less wind resistance offer only Velomobile . In the beer garden no seat must be free, in case of doubt the drink is enjoyed directly on the trike.

Tire wear when recumbent

Many recumbents and trikes are prone to high tire wear. The reasons are different and often due to a better tire choice or just to fix the setting of the bike. While in the normal bike, the tires like to keep 10,000 km, the tires can be down after 1,000 km when recumbent due to marginal problems. Normally, 5,000 km are no problem here either. However, tire wear on a recumbent tricycle and a bicycle is not comparable.

The right tires

First, the tire choice should be taken attentively. Typical asphalt drivers are well equipped with Marathon Plus, Durano Plus or similar tires. Who drives forest and dirt roads, can still be well served with the Marathon Plus, but should not forget the view of tires with more profile. The Schwalbe Marathin GT 365 is a good tire for the whole year.

The optimally set track

Multi-lane recumbents (trikes) should have a clean set track. If the two front or rear wheels are not perfectly parallel, the rubber rubs continuously from the tire. The wear is driven to the extreme. In addition, the trike then does not run properly straight. And the rolling resistance is high. Dealers are able to optimally adjust the track when lying tricycle.

Understeer in curves

Sporty driving makes the Trike front for increased wear. The tires are used mainly by understeer in curves. Understeer the trike, it slips in curves over the front tires. The opposite of an erupting tail (oversteer). Anyone who has been on the wet lane around the bend, or fast corners on loose ground, knows this phenomenon. Too much air pressure also promotes understeer. In principle, understeer is normal and the sporty driving style is one of them. Avoid it only by lower cornering speeds.