See here the list of Top 10 best cat food. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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Is not it always amazing how much cats in their completely different personalities are like little humans? Like us, they have their own taste. Like us, you do not need any food. It is important to ensure a high meat content of at least 50% to provide a species-appropriate diet. Depending on whether your cat is still a young or already a full-grown animal, there are special foods for this purpose . They support a shiny coat, better teeth or are designed especially for pregnant cats.

1. Cat food – wet, dry or both?

The topic of cat nutrition is still divorced. While many cats once lived mainly from the remains of the lunch table, it is now common, especially in cities, to feed cats with high-quality cat food. But do you feed now with wet food or dry food? Basically, both types of kitten food are also suitable as complete feed. As far as the nutrients are concerned, nobody has to have a guilty conscience, which puts only one or the other of his cat. However, both feed types also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of wet food for cats:


  • tastes better for most cats
  • provides a lot of fluid and prevents urinary stones
  • unopened very long shelf life
  • Overdose hardly possible

  • is significantly more expensive
  • causes a lot of garbage
  • spoils quickly in the air

Advantages and disadvantages of dry food for cats:


  • is much cheaper
  • meets the natural feeding behavior
  • promotes dental hygiene
  • causes less waste

  • Incorrect dosage can lead to overfeeding and too much weight
  • Cats often drink too little if they only get dry food – this can lead to kidney problems

Most veterinarians agree that a mixed diet of alternating wet and dry foods is optimal for the welfare of your cat . If the cat gets dry food, it will take small bites as snacks and thus feed itself appropriately throughout the day. The wet food tastes better on the other hand cats and is usually consumed at a meal. At the same time a lot of fluid is absorbed, which prevents constipation.

Of course, you should always provide a bowl of water. Holders who only give dry food tend to overfill too much. However, dry food contains a lot of energy and so your cat can easily get overweight. If at least one meal is replaced by wet cat food, the danger of becoming overweight decreases significantly.

2. Purchase Advice: Use these criteria to select the right cat food

2.1. So should the meat content in the cat food be


Cats, like almost no other pet, manage to feed themselves in emergencies when they have access to outdoor areas. Even animals that have been fed from birth and have never hunted, yet have a pronounced hunting instinct and catch birds, mice and other small animals, if need be. Best wet food for cats and of course good dry food have one thing above all: really much meat. Cats are known to be carnivores and thus a meat-rich diet corresponds exactly to the nature of small predators.

High-quality cat food with a high meat content is therefore also to be found in every cat food test quite high up. In our comparison, feed variants with the highest meat content are convincing. Granted, cat food with more than 80% meat is not exactly cheap cat food, but who loves his kitten, who certainly does not shy away, for whose enjoyment to take something deeper into his pocket. If you do not want to be so expensive, you should at least pay attention to a meat content of more than 50%.

2.2. Age and field of application – special cat food for individual requirements

For them, there is cat food for kittens (Kittenfutter), which is usually provided with the name addition “cat food junior”. In adult foods, the feeding properties are slightly different. But even in this segment there are differences again.The different offers in the category cat food differ among other things by the age recommendations. Young cats need different nutrients or other focal points in order to be able to grow ideally.

Depending on the ingredients, a type of feed may have a particular area of ​​application. Some cat food is especially suitable for a healthy cardiovascular system, another strengthens the digestive system, others are good for eyes, teeth or the coat. However, if your cat has diabetes, you need an even more special product. For these cases there is diet for cats, so diabetes cat food without sugar. However, most regular varieties now also come without added sugar.

2.3. The price – cat love can quickly be expensive

Many cat food tests showed that expensive does not necessarily mean good and cheap does not have to be bad . However, the really high-quality varieties stand out pretty well – both in terms of quality and in price. Genuine premium cat food without grains and sugar, which is mostly organic cat food, costs as much as two to three times as much as other branded goods and a multiple compared to discounter varieties. However, the diet of cats with such a sensitive cat food then unbeatable healthy, natural and wholesome.

3. Stiftung Warentest: What does a cat food test winner have to bring?

As so often we were able to rely on the tests of the Stiftung Warentest , which give particularly helpful hints and tested very critically. It was frightening that in every second wet food, regardless of brand and price, there was too much phosphorus. This can cause kidney disease in cats.

Well-known brands such as Kitekat landed in the cat food test, although quite on the front seats, but the best cat food in the test is actually a product of the discounter . Cheap cat food does not necessarily have to be bad. Do you want to buy a cat food that has a high meat content, such as cat food from Macs or cat food from Animonda, but you must dodge the retailer and reach deeper into the bag.

4. The main brands and manufacturers of cat food

  • 8in1
  • Acana
  • Activia cat food
  • allco
  • Almo Nature
  • Anibio
  • Applaws
  • Arion
  • beaphar
  • Bewi Dog
  • Catz fine food
  • Dreamies
  • Felix cat food
  • Footprint cat food
  • GratanaPet
  • Macs
  • Multifit cat food
  • One cat food
  • Royal Canin cat food
  • Whiskas

5. Questions and answers about cat food

5.1. Which is the best cat food?

Cats are moody and many animals have special preferences when it comes to their food . Some cats may only like Miamor cat food, Whiska’s cat food or Grau’s cat food. Others love Purina cat food, Perfect Fit cat food or maybe cat food from Animonda. Maybe your cat just wants a certain variety, like poultry or beef? The best thing you can do is to select and test some varieties of cat food according to the criteria we have specified , what your cat tastes best and what works well.

5.2. Which is a good wet cat food?

Many cat owners try out a few brands and quickly notice which varieties their cat enjoys. If the ingredients are okay then there is no reason to opt for a variety other than our comparative winner.In our comparison, we also included wet food for cats and chose our comparison winners. But there are a lot more suppliers in the pet food market to choose from. Some manufacturers offer special flavors that may be most appropriate for your cat.

5.3. What kind of cat food is good? Wet or dry?

Healthy cat food should always consist of a mixture between the two variants. Cats dry food without grain and sugar forms the basis on which the cat can always operate freely. In addition, there is high-quality wet cat food, which is given in portions. Many cats are very picky. It is best to buy some cat food samples from various manufacturers and test what your stub tiger tastes best.