See here the list of Top 10 best weighted blankets for kids. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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  • a cuddly, comforting warming blanket
  • a pillow that fits snugly
  • a bed can be a useful addition

The selection of the best natural materials and their professional processing is our top priority. Of course, the covers are made of 100% organic cotton.

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Children need a lot of sleep, so they can develop healthy. But they do not sleep well and often crawl out of bed in the morning. During the day, the bed is turned into a playground, where it is wonderful to romp. A natural, pollutant-proof and durable bedding is especially important in childhood. Our children’s quilts are breathable and ensure a dry bed climate. They are of high quality and sometimes hold a pillow fight.

The main features of a children’s duvet

The blanket is a deciding factor for a restful night! It has a number of important functions to perform:

  • Since little children can not yet independently regulate their temperature budget, a children’s blanket must be extremely breathable and at the same time pleasantly warming.
  • The body temperature of 36-37 ° C should be kept constant, so the blanket must be big enough to completely cover your sweetheart.
  • It has to be able to “breathe”, that is, it has to work with air-permeable covers to prevent heat build-up and sweats.
  • Good moisture management is also important, as small children usually sweat faster than adults. Therefore, you should preferably resort to comforters with well-conditioned natural hair or plant fiber fillings.

The heat sensation

Which material you choose, of course, depends on the individual needs and preferences of your little darling. Because the perfect universal blanket for every child and every season does not exist. As the season’s clothing is adjusted, the duvet should also be more or less warm depending on the outside temperature.

Please consider the following two aspects of your comforter choice: The individual warmth of your sunshine and the temperature of the nursery. As children also spend the day in their room, nurseries are more heated. Consequently, the children’s blanket may be lighter. Please choose either a matching duvet or a sleeping bag. The combination of duvet and sleeping bag is too warm!

Our comforter comforters are a great choice. They have a slightly fluffy blanket for the warmer months and a blanket to help your child make a warm and cuddly nest in the colder months. Please use only the single blankets. Both blankets in combination are usually too warm.

A little practical tip: It is best to always get both blankets separately during the transitional period. Then in the evening you can decide individually which child blanket is the right one for the night.

The filling material

Each filler has specific properties, thermal performance and fineness. Smoothness and comfort are thereby decisively influenced. In order for you to be able to choose the right duvet for your little sweetheart, we point out the essential differences and peculiarities of the individual filling materials by means of a “link” for the individual articles.

The filling weight

The type of filler and the intended use determine the filling weight of the blanket. For example, a sheepskin wool duvet with the same heat performance is heavier than a camel fleece hair duvet. In addition, a blanket for the summer is of course easier than a winter duvet.

The right size

Children duvets are designed to provide your little one with maximum nest warmth. In addition to the right material, the size of a duvet is crucial for a peaceful night’s sleep and a comfortable, warm sleeping climate. A cot blanket in the size 100 / 135cm we recommend only for classic cots up to a lying surface of 70 / 140cm. As soon as your sunshine gets its first “big bed”, it should also sleep under a duvet in size 135 / 200cm.

Here you come directly to our assortment

Baby quilts

In our large selection of filling materials you will find something suitable for every season. Our pollutant-tested baby comforters and toddler duvets for cradle, bassinet and cot provide a comfortable sleeping environment and lull your sweetheart into a restful sleep.

Children’s bedspreads

Children duvets make a lot of things. For children use their bed not only to sleep, but also to play, run around, learning and lounging. That’s why we recommend durable natural fiber duvets with breathable, air-conditioning filling materials for the cot. For a restful sleep after a busy day.

Youth Duveta

Whether airy duvets for warm summer nights or the chubby version for the cold winter – in our wide selection there is something for every season. All materials are strictly tested for harmful substances and the cover is made in high quality kbA quality .