See here the list of Top 10 best electric blankets. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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The warmth of an electric blanket is usually perceived as very pleasant. With this heat donator you can increase your well-being in the cold season. In addition, heat has a positive effect on chronic pain and rheumatic complaints. There are different electric blankets available on the market – from the small blanket to the underblanket and even for pets, electric blankets are available.

How do electric blankets work?

Inside a heated ceiling are heating wires that are connected to an electrical switch and can be controlled. The electric blanket is thus connected to the mains. The temperature can usually be regulated step by step and also a thermal fuse is installed, which protects against overheating. This heating technology is covered with a textile material. From the outside so the wires are not visible. Instead of the stepwise temperature regulation models are also to buy, which work by means of sensor. The temperature is automatically raised or lowered via the sensor.

Different types of electric blankets

The classic electric blanket is a kind of wool blanket with integrated heating wires. This electric blanket can be covered. The upper is usually soft and cuddly. However, this blanket is not suitable for high loads. For example, you should not lie or sit on this electric blanket because that could damage the heating wires. Classic electric blankets are available in different sizes and sizes. Thus, even small electric blankets are available, which are equipped with a car plug, so they can be used on the go.

But beware: Prolonged use – for example in a traffic jam – can cause the car battery to be exhausted and stop the car from starting. Other smaller electric blankets are connected to the mains as usual. In contrast to the classic electric blanket is the heat bed. These large electric blankets are placed between mattress and sheets. Before bedtime, the electric blanket can be switched on, so that you climb into a warm bed. The surface material is rather rough and is not suitable for cuddling.

The heating wires are distributed differently and designed to withstand higher loads. In both variants, the heat effect contributes to an increase in well-being. Especially people with rheumatic complaints or chronic pain benefit from the heat through an electric blanket.

Electric blankets for pets

The pet shop also offers electric blankets for animals. Dogs without undercoat and older dogs like to lie down on an electric blanket. Especially in the cold season dogs with arthrosis does the heat very well. The heating blanket is simply placed in the basket or on the bed of the dog. Even with the heating blankets for animals should be paid to the safety aspects.

Safety for electric blankets

To prevent overheating, the electric blanket should have an automatic switch-off feature. This breaks the circuit even if heating wires or cables are broken. In addition, the heating wires should be well insulated so that liquids can not short-circuit or break the wires.

Buy electric blanket – what should be considered?


The most relevant point is safety: As described above, the electric blanket should be equipped with automatic switch-off and overheating protection. For most models, the overheat protection or automatic shutdown is controlled by a timer. With some electric blankets, the temperature is slowly lowered. In other models, the electric blanket is switched off after a certain time. It is recommended to buy electric blankets with certificate or seal of approval, as these models are equipped with the corresponding safety technology. The product description of these electric blankets refers to these seals or certificates, for example CE, VDE, GS or TÜV.

Regulation of temperature

The temperature should be able to be regulated because the heat requirement varies individually. For most electric blankets, a stepwise regulation over two or three levels is possible. Higher quality models allow for temperature control over at least six stages.


For classic electric blankets intended for covering, the material of the cover should be comfortable and soft. After all, the blanket serves as relaxation and this is only possible if the material contributes to well-being.


Similarly, the electric blanket should be perfectly processed to Zudecken. This means that there are no annoying seams or edges.


Commercially washable electric blankets are available. Similarly, electric blankets with removable cover are available, which can be washed in the washing machine.

Field of use

Do you want to buy an electric blanket to benefit from a preheated bed or to cover up on the sofa and relax there? As described above, there are various types of electric blankets. The classic electric blanket is used differently than a so-called heated underblanket.

Size of the electric blanket

Classic electric blankets are available in different sizes. For example, very wide models are available so that two people can be covered with the thermal blanket. If you travel a lot and the electric blanket is always there, we recommend a smaller model, which can be stored in a suitcase.

Illuminated switch

Not necessarily important, but more comfortable are electric blankets with illuminated switches. The operation is thus easier and you do not have to turn on the room light in the evening, for example, to be able to regulate the temperature of the heating blanket.


A timer function is not a must and still recommended. Especially with large electric blankets that are put into bed, the timer function is more than pleasant. Thus, a certain time can be set, to which the electric blanket automatically turns on. The preheated bed is guaranteed.