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Vacuum Cleaner Information & Features

The vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner are different in functionality. Some models focus on core applications such as upholstery cleaning, while other models are more holistic in design and offer plenty of accessories to clean a wide variety of floors and surfaces.

Depending on the requirements you have for your vacuum cleaner, an acquisition is accompanied by various investments. It is therefore advisable to create a requirement profile before purchasing. The Waschsauger Testsieger-Table above you can see which functions are covered by the respective device. Another purchase criterion is the application area. Would you like to use your new vacuum cleaner for the private household or is the acquisition work-related?

For the professional sector, some manufacturers and model variants have prevailed, since they bribe by particular durability and performance. You can also find this feature in the washer-extractor test chart .

How does a washing machine work?

Vacuum cleaners are also referred to as carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners. The respective name speaks for its jeweilligen purpose. Typically, a scrubber operates by means of a spray nozzle which applies water or a mixture of cleaning fluid and water to the substrate to be cleaned.

The suction nozzle sucks the liquid then back out of the object, which flushes out the dirt with it. The collected waste water is then collected in a separate container and can be easily emptied, because this is then no longer used. This means that any textile surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Differences: A distinction must be made between wet and wet / dry vacuums. Although all variants use liquid for cleaning, but the latter have no spray nozzle. Anyone who still wants to clean soiled upholstery and floors with these devices must first apply the cleaning liquid by hand.

Caution: However, it has often come to mold, since just pads were not completely dry again due to too much liquid. Especially here, a vacuum cleaner has great advantages.


The functions are only a quality criterion. Much more important is the overall package and thus the power or performance. The power with which the various washing suits work is different. Therefore, the range of application of certain cleaning equipment is limited. In order to solve stubborn dirt or to ensure cleaning of different surfaces, high-quality vacuum cleaners are necessary.

Applications for vacuum cleaners

Where should you use your new vacuum cleaner? For the private and small household use are already cheaper devices. Larger houses, offices and business premises already have higher demands on a cleaning device. However, if you professionally and regularly cleans houses, upholstery and business premises for customers, then professional vacuum cleaner solutions come into consideration, which can convince you not only with their efficiency but also with their continuity and consistent performance .

One time costs

The purchase of a vacuum cleaner is, depending on the purpose, associated with some costs. Cheap models for small households can be bought for just over € 100 . They often provide basic functions or are suitable for cleaning certain floors or surfaces. For all-round cleaning, these are often not designed. More expensive models can put a strain on the wallet, but they can often offer more features while ensuring a much longer life.

Running costs

Even with large appliances, the trend is catching up to offer energy-saving performance. In the case of vacuum cleaners , however, force is also required to achieve the cleaning performance. This also costs electricity. Powerful devices draw 1000 watts and more. Therefore, while using this powerful vacuum cleaner should be paid attention to economy and turn off the device immediately when not in use.

Rent a vacuum cleaner

On the other hand, those who rarely carry out smaller cleaning operations are well worth the rent of a vacuum cleaner . The advantage is also in the space savings, because you need for 1 or 2 uses a year no additional space for the very large equipment available Depending on the rental fee, it may be worthwhile to rent a vacuum cleaner .

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum cleaners

The use of vacuum cleaners has a number of advantages. So they are ideal for cleaning large areas and can also wash cars. In addition, working with a vacuum cleaner is always easy on the back, as there is no bending over and so relieves the back. One of its biggest advantages, however, can also be at a disadvantage. A vacuum cleaner can absorb moisture. However, too cheap equipment can also make carpets and upholstery too moist and not completely dry. In unfavorable circumstances, this can even foster mold .

How to operate your vacuum cleaner properly

The operation of vacuum cleaners and other carpet cleaning equipment is getting easier. The manufacturers are very interested in this. Nevertheless, please read the operating instructions before putting your cleaner into operation. Here you will find product-specific instructions for operation and safety. Familiarize yourself with the vacuum cleaner and the up to three removable containers. So in practice, everything goes smoothly out of hand.

Removable containers include:

  • the dirty water tank
  • the fresh water tank
  • the cleaning fluid container.

Before you begin to wash your floor, pour fresh tap water into the fresh water tank. Thereafter, the container for the cleaning liquid is filled with the cleaner. Attention: Some manufacturers use cleaning cartridges or cleaning sticks . The cleaning cartridges fit exactly to the corresponding connection, which eliminates the need to fill with the cleaner.

In addition, cleaning cartridges are of course filled with the appropriate cleaner for the unit, which protects the inner perephery such as hoses, valves and lines from damage and blockages caused by the wrong cleaning agent. Agressive cleaners do not come into contact with the device.

Who can operate a vacuum cleaner, can also use a vacuum cleaner, because the application to the respective floor is almost identical . You may still need to work with the vacuum cleaner to achieve the best cleaning results. One difference is the rotating brushes, which turn on their own and may require a little getting used to the device. For this you may need exercise. However, if you can compensate for the rotation, operating the vacuum cleaner becomes child’s play for you.

Vacuum cleaner alternatives

In addition to the conventional wet vacuum cleaner, there are also alternatives for efficient floor and carpet cleaning. In the following, therefore, other technologies are presented, which represent an effective alternative to the vacuum cleaner .

The wiping robot

Wiping robots are an innovation that should make our work even easier. Many already know about vacuum cleaner robots , which have already found their way into many living areas. While the vacuum cleaner robot dries dry carpet and other floors, the wiper robot – as the name implies – wipes the floor. Most models also dry the floor after wiping.

This is how the wiping robot works

Before the automatic wiping process, we fill the robot vacuum cleaner with the cleaning liquid. With the start of the device, he starts already with the cleaning. Completely independently, the wiper robot moves off the surface to be cleaned. The mixture of water and detergent is applied to the floor and then sucked off again. A brush ensures a deep pore cleaning and then sucks in the dirty water again.

However, care should be taken to ensure that the mop robot does not get on carpet. For this, the models are often equipped with sensors that keep household helpers away from carpets. Another task of the sensors is the assessment of the degree of soiling of the cleaning surface. This means that the right amount of floor cleaner can always be used.

Advantages of wiping robots

One of the biggest advantages of a wiper robot is the resulting free time. While the device cleans the floor completely automatically, we can take care of other important things or simply put our feet up after a hard day. That’s why the technology has evolved over the past decade and found application in various robotic cleaners. This makes them more popular.

In addition to the suction power as a wet vacuum, the dry suction is often supported. This makes him an all-rounder and gives us plenty of time. Nevertheless, these household helpers should not be used unattended. The reason lies in the dangerous combination of water and electricity, which can be life-threatening in unfavorable situations.

How much does a wiper robot cost? The technology is already tested and due to the widespread use, devices can be found from just € 100 on the market. If, on the other hand, you want lots of features, a mop will not do any harm to a high-quality vacuum cleaner. 300 to 500 € are quite realistic here.

Top 3 vacuum cleaner

1. Model: Thomas Pet and Family Aqua Dust and Vacuum Cleaner

Our bestseller and test winner is a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner in one. In use you have the choice between two modes. Either you use a vacuum cleaner bag or the water filter system. This special feature differentiates the Thomas Pet and Family teat from other devices, which usually only one of them can. The operation is kept simple. Turn it on and off you go. A carrying handle, electronic suction power regulation and an automatic cable take-up roll complete the extensive functions.

2. Model: Cleanmaxx carpet cleaner

The Cleanmaxx carpet cleaner is your lemon green helper in the household to get rid of annoying germs. This model helps not only to clean carpets deep clean but literally to wash – and even with shampoo. The operation is child’s play. Simply wash, clean and vacuum – all in one unit. With the Cleanmaxx carpet cleaner (which is also available in other stylish colors), your carpets are not only pure, but fresh and germ-free, and various accessories make carpet cleaning even easier.

3. Model: Kärcher SE 4001 Vacuum cleaner

The Kärcher SE 4001 vacuum cleaner is powerful and not only that. It also comes with a 2 meter long spray hose and other accessories. It can be used to clean or wash virtually any floor and carpet surface. This is also shown by extensive test cleaning – performance is definitely a top priority at Kärcher. So the Wohnug or the house quickly becomes hygienically clean and therefore experiences a very clear recommendation . Only for the cleaning and the noise level must be made.

Objective vacuum cleaner test

On all tests and comparisons are carried out under objective aspects. This includes many of the factors mentioned here. But existing customer reviews and opinions are also part of the tests. We attach great importance to the independence of dealers and manufacturers, whereby clear purchase recommendations can be made. Through this variety of reviews , you can find the right for yourself Waschsauger and order the same online . The large product variety of our reliable online partner Amazon, guarantees you beyond these tests a large and clear product variety.

What do you need a vacuum cleaner for?

Anyone who has children or animals, knows that: it creates a lot of dirt. Not only on the floor, but also on the walls and on furniture accumulate impurities. If these are not carefully cleaned, mold or damage to the interior can be damaged – not to mention the hygienic consequences. Hard floor cleaners such as the vacuum cleaner, have established themselves as popular household helpers and are offered in great variety.

In addition to apartments and houses, stubborn dirt accumulates in garages and vehicles. This must be removed with floor cleaner if you want to enjoy your property for a long time. This page will provide you with detailed comparisons, product tests, offers and information to help you find the best home vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner for your home.