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Grill Buying Guide – not just for men

Cooking meat over an open fire is one of the oldest ways of preparing food. Who dominated the fire, could thus make his food edible. With a barbecue we still experience this primeval ritual today in a different dimension.

Time to barbecue is always. Anyone can do it in the summer, but even a winter’s barbecue can be very romantic. If it’s warm, it’s the obligatory beer and cold mulled wine. The grill awakens innermost shoots in us. Already when lighting a barbecue, men feel in their element. Lighting a fire and keeping it burning has been a ritual since the Stone Age, where men can prove their talents.

The slightly less romantic variant of the Grillanzündens is the electric barbecue, in which a heating element takes over the function of the “fire” or grilling with gas. It makes fun in any case. Whether in a classic design or completely unconventional, with a barbecue succeed true gourmet compositions.

Electric Grill Comparison – play it safe

If you buy an electric grill , you will find that the basic structure of the electric grill is just like a charcoal grill. The only difference is that the charcoal fire is replaced by an electric heating element. Housing, heating element and grate form a unit. There is no open fire and no open fire in which dripping fat can burn. The dripping fat is either caught in the electric grill in a tub filled with water or drops into a drip tray.

Since no burnt fat is created, the odor nuisance in the electric grill is much lower than the charcoal grill. There are also no toxic glycidyl fatty acid esters, which allows health-conscious barbecue friends more and more electric grills. The best electric grill will hardly bother the neighborhood, so electric grills are very popular for balconies. In addition to the advantages, there are a few disadvantages, which is why you should make the grill test to distress yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric grill


No fuel
quickly ready for use
Low smoke emission
Low odor nuisance
Particularly suitable for balconies
Also suitable for indoor use
No carcinogenic substances in the food to be grilled
No burnt grease
Simple temperature control


Electric socket is
hardly suitable for camping
Classic roast aroma is missing
Grill atmosphere is lacking
little power
not suitable for many people
longer cooking
only direct grilling possible

What should you pay attention to when buying electric grills:

Where should he be used? Table grills are also suitable for the home, barbecues are more suitable for the terrace or the garden, like our electric grill comparison winner, the VG 350 BIG Barbecue Column Grill with hood by Steba.

How many people should be served at the same time? Especially table grills are very limited in size and are often only suitable for two to three people.

The performance of the device. In order to achieve a good grill result, a performance of> 2000 watts is recommended.

Water bowl or grease drip tray? A grease drip tray requires more cleaning than a water tray.

Electric Grill Conclusion:

As a special grill (for example, the Japanese Teppanyaki grill) or installed in the kitchen area recommended. No matter if you buy a cheap electric grill or choose our table grill winner, the electric barbecues compared in our electric grill price comparison but have little in common with BBQ, but are a good alternative, if you do not want to do without grilled. Compare in peace and find in the end your personal grill test winner. 

Gas grill comparison – enjoy without smoke

Gas grills have a clear advantage over a charcoal or electric grill. The special positive aspect is the short heating phase and the possibility to keep a constant temperature. Neither smoke nor smoke interfere with its use. That’s why they are ideal for barbecuing on terraces or balconies.

Especially in the densely populated urban areas you do not want to bother your neighbors with annoying smoke or smell. Unless you invite everyone to the barbecue. Also, the cleaning of gas grills is easy, no ashes must be disposed of and you grill healthier. Since no fat can drip into the flame, no carcinogenic substances can accumulate in the food.

Gas grills are more likely to be understood as indirect grills without contact with the flames. The often criticized lack of smoky taste can be cleverly replaced by smoky barbecue sauces. So refined you will hardly recognize a difference to the charcoal grill at the end. Gas grills are slightly larger than charcoal grills. Smaller, like the Weber gas grill in our gas grill price comparison , you can easily operate with a gas cartridge. Larger gas barbecues are not suitable for transport. 

There is almost nothing in the equipment, which does not exist. In addition to the usual steaks and sausages you can also fry it easily, prepare potato pancakes or fried potatoes and even smoke. Although gas grills are easy to use , they require a little technical understanding. Gas grills consume an average of 80 g gas / hour for the power of 1 kW. If you want to invite to a big party, you should get a corresponding gas supply. Gas cylinders must be placed safely, hoses must not be kinked or come into contact with hot parts.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas grill


Fast heating and cooling
Uniform temperature
Simple temperature control
Gentle cooking
Direct and indirect grilling possible
Low smoke development
Low odor
No carcinogenic substances in the food to be cooked


Gas cylinder or cartridge required
Safety precautions required
high weight
technically prone
purchase price

What should you pay attention to when buying gas grills:

The power of the gas burner. Depending on the number of gas burners more or less gas is consumed. For a burner, you have to count about 3.5 to 4 kW for two times the double, etc

The size of the grill area. Convert the grill area to cm². 1000 cm² allow the hospitality of about 4 people, at 2000 cm ² it is about eight.

The material of the grills is crucial to ensure that the meat does not stick when grilling. Enameled cast iron has proven itself here.

The number of burners and their position is also responsible for a successful barbecue result. Side burners provide the right temperature, a burner in the middle for the crisp crust, as in our gas grill comparison winner, the T410SB Triumph by Napoleon.

A thermometer in the cover ensures the necessary control with the lid closed. Make sure that the thermometer shows not only Fahrenheit, but also Celsius.

Conclusion gas grill:

The gas barbecues compared in our gas grill price comparison are intended for all those who often want to grill and use the barbecue as an alternative to the Indoorküche. Whether you buy a gas grill cheap or choose our gas grill winners, they are meant for those who need to take more consideration of neighbors because of the smoke. Compare the products and finally find your own gas grill test winner.