See here the list of Top 10 best handheld shower head. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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Hand showers have become an integral part of everyday life. Even with the morning shower, the tap of the shower fitting is turned on and pleasantly warm water flows out of the shower. Hand showers are available in different versions . The right shower is also available for you. In order to find your way around the wide range of products and decide, we recommend that you take a test. We support you and give you helpful tips and tricks . Take a look at our comparison chart to find the perfect hand shower for your needs.

1. Hand showers – not only available for the bathroom

Meanwhile, hand showers are not only available for the shower mixer in the bathroom . Even with a tap in the kitchen, the hand shower can be pulled out with individual types. This has the advantage that things to be washed do not have to be kept directly under the faucet. The hose gives you complete freedom of swing in and out of the sink. Also visually are handheld showerheads a real eye-catcher . Choose between round, semicircular and square shapes .

Depending on the type, the shower head can thus be adapted to the design of the bathroom furniture and thus be a veritable designer piece. In a hand shower test you have a large selection of different models available. In addition to individually available shower heads, you can also find a hand shower set . We now give you some advantages and disadvantages that a set has over a single shower.

  • Everything is included in the set (shower head, hose, seals, optional even a hand shower holder
  • New shower and hose look modern and are not calcified in the pipes
  • Connections are standardized and fit immediately
  • Sets are more expensive than single showers

2. How to find the right hand shower for your bathroom

To find the right hand shower for your bathtub or shower cubicle , you have a great variety of different types to choose from. For this reason, it makes sense to do a hand shower test. Here, among other things, the question should be clarified whether you have certain requirements and how the hand shower should be equipped. For example, if you are looking for hand showers that are large and fit your corner bathtub, you will find some matching Grohe hand showers, among other things. Also the weight in g should be considered. Large hand showers in XXL format can sometimes weigh over 400 grams, which is not exactly easy when held in the hand.

2.1. Flow rate, material and size – there are several choices

Depending on the make and type, a hand shower has a specific flow rate in l / min . These should be considered especially if you want to shower water saving. On average, a shower has a consumption of around 9-10 liters . For some models, it is possible to adjust the amount of water to be delivered with a small lever. Thus, with individual hand showers, the flow rate is between 9 and 12 l / min. If you also want to save water and money, you can also opt for a water-saving technology .

The material of the surface is often a chromium coating . Alternatively, you can also find materials such as brass, which is coated with titanium. Especially chrome looks noble and can not rust due to its properties. The showers are also very easy to clean and, depending on the manufacturer, even feature an anti-lime function . For this purpose, in such a system, for example, silicone or rubber knobs in the nozzles of the shower , where no lime can adhere.

2.2. Integrated dirt trap screens

An integrated strainer has the advantage that the nozzles in the shower head are spared and not clogged. Optionally, the filter is in the head or integrated in the shower hose . Dirt and lime can not get into the nozzles and clog them. Among others, Hansgrohe hand showers such as the Croma Select model are equipped with such a filter.

3. Purchase advice for hand showers: Several spray types and massage jet are popular

What does QuickClean and SpeedClean mean

Anyone who has hard water at home knows the problem: the faucet in the kitchen, as well as the faucet, including the hand shower in the bathroom, can quickly calcify. For products with QuickClean or SpeedClean , limescale residue can be scrubbed quickly and easily with a cloth or sponge.

In our purchase advice we would like to introduce once more the most important criteria and features. These are quite crucial in a hand shower test, if you want to select a suitable product. Go through each purchase criterion step by step to make a selection:

• Head shape of the hand shower
• Scope of jet types
• Incl. Massage jet
• Measures in cm of the hand shower
• Weight in g
• Flow rate in l / min
• Material surface (chrome, brass, titanium)
• Anti-limescale function (easy to clean surface)

If you want to buy hand showers at a low price, features such as flow rate and head shape are already included. For extras such as an anti-limescale function or a massage jet, however, you have to reach deeper into the bag.

3.1. All hand shower types at a glance

Meanwhile you get bathroom furniture and hand showers even at supermarket chains like Aldi. A hand shower test shows that you have the choice between different types. Because showering is much more than just shampooing your hair, soaking your body and taking it off again. Depending on the type, a hand shower has several types of jet , which can be easily adjusted by turning the shower head .

Depending on the setting, the water will be discharged as usual or as a special jet. So you can choose among other things for a pleasantly soft, or a thin, concentrated beam . This then has a kind of massage function that feels very pleasant on the skin and even promotes blood circulation. If you want to do without a massage, you can alternatively also for a Regendusche entscheiden. Hier erleben Sie ein Feeling, als würden Sie im Regen stehen.

3.2. Individual hand showers and complete sets

You not only urgently need a new shower head, but also have to replace the shower hose at the same time? Then you decide best for a new complete set . Here are handheld showerheads with hose and on request even a shower rod included. The advantage here is that the new purchase looks modern and all elements are consistent in color. In addition, you separate yourself from the old calcified sanitary accessories, which after decades no longer look timely and run-down.

4. Descaling a hand shower

The best hand shower will not do you any good if it is not cleaned regularly. In spite of anti-calcification functions, lime deposits settle quickly after several weeks, so that descaling is necessary. If the calcium deposits are only thin, it is often sufficient to wipe over the surface with a microfibre cloth. If this is not the case, only cleaning agents will help.

Natural cleaners with citric acid are best for this purpose, but aggressive agents such as chlorine or acetic acid should be avoided . Do not put the detergent directly on the hand shower, but first on the cloth. After application, rinse the shower with water, that’s it. If you do not want to use any cleaning agents, wipe the hand shower and fitting frequently. Thus, not even a thicker lime layer can form, which can be easily wiped with a microfiber cloth.

5. Questions and answers about hand showers

5.1. Which manufacturers for hand showers are there?

To get an overview of popular manufacturers, we have summarized these in a list.

  • Hansgrohe
  • Grohe
  • Hansa
  • Kludi
  • JADO
  • Villeroy & Boch
  • Steinberg
  • Ramon

5.2. Is there a water saving insert for hand showers?

There are two ways to operate hand showers to save water . On the one hand, you can opt for a hand shower that incorporates a water-saving system . There are no further installations required , the shower only has to be screwed onto the hose. Furthermore, it is possible to buy water saving inserts. These are plastic inserts that work like a flow restrictor. The diameter of the water pipe is thus reduced and throttled the flowing amount of water. Available are water saving inserts in various designs, which are compatible with almost all hand showers.

5.3. Is there already a test by Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a test, so unfortunately we can not name a hand shower test winner. However, on the portal of Stiftung Warentest you will also find other interesting tests as well as guidebook texts that revolve around the topic of bathrooms. This will tell you, among other things, which bathroom cleaners are “good” and which shower baths are particularly suitable for sensitive skin.