See here the list of Top 10 best side sleeper pillows. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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Side sleeper pillow test

Studies show that about 60% of all people sleep in a lateral position. It is thus before the abdominal and supine position to the most popular sleeping position. To make the nocturnal recovery phase as comfortable as possible, a good side sleeper pillow can be supportive in this sleeping position. What does ‘good’ mean in this context? Read more about recommended models and important selection criteria for buying a side sleeper pillow .

1. Side sleeper pillow: the ideal companion for side sleepers

A side sleeper pillow helps as well as a neck pillow or neck support pillow side sleepers about to adopt a healthy sleeping position. However, the various pillow categories should not be confused with each other. While neck pillows and neck support pillows are intended exclusively as a support for the head and neck, side sleepers cushion along the whole body.

The right pillow for every sleeping position:

Whether you are lying on your stomach, back or side, in any position your body will be strained in a certain way: the cervical spine becomes overstretched , the chest can not lift and lower unhindered while breathing , or the hands become numb , Not only side sleepers, but also back sleepers and abdominal sleepers should therefore look for a suitable pillow. Special back sleepers pillows and belly sleepers pillows can be found in specialist shops.

They can fulfill different functions. On the one hand, they can be placed between the legs to avoid pressure points at the level of the knees or ankles. On the other hand, they can be placed in front of the chest and abdomen to prevent the shoulders from tipping forward. So a side sleeper pillow supports breathing in your sleep. Most side sleepers use it as a complement to the neck support pillow or a regular pillow to support the upper body and legs. Some models are also shaped to fit comfortably under the head and neck, for example my7 from Theraline.

A special embodiment of the side sleeper pillow is the pregnancy pillow. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, the big baby belly and swollen legs are against sleep recovery. A special pregnancy pad stabilizes the stomach, arms and legs so that the muscles and spine are relieved. A pregnancy pillow is not only suitable as a sleeping pillow in bed, but also as a pillow on the sofa. Ultimately, it contributes to the fact that pregnant women can relax and rest perfectly despite the physical strain.

2. Side Sleeper Pillows: Do not disregard these purchase criteria

2.1. The right filling material gives the cushion the optimal supporting power

Nursing pillows and side sleeper pillows use similar filling materials, as we know from neck pillows or neck cushions. To make the elongated pillows cuddly and flexible, the manufacturers usually use small beads or fibers as a filling , which in turn can be made of different materials. Cheap side sleeper cushions are usually filled with PU beads, ie with plastic. They are soft and cuddly and also easy to clean.

High quality are side sleeper pillows with fiberballs as filling material. They are as cuddly as the pillows with beads, but also have a certain supporting power. Some brands offer cushions with functional fibers that are breathable or can be completely washed in the washing machine . Also popular are visco pillows and pillows with down filling. They score with high point elasticity, but they are less flexible.

2.2. Size and weight: side sleeper pillow XXL with a length of over three meters

Anyone who has grown extra tall or just wants to cuddle up in a giant pillow will choose a Side Sleeper Pillow in XXL format. Cushions with a length of over three meters are represented here – two people are also comfortable here.With side sleeper cushions there are hardly any limits to the imagination in terms of shape and size.

Ordinary pillows, for example Hefel side sleeper cushions, come in a size of about 1.60 centimeters. Likewise, lengths of 150 to 190 centimeters are available from most manufacturers. So the use of side sleepers pillow is possible for many body sizes. The weight of a side sleeper or nursing pillow depends on the filling material and the filling quantity. Pillows that are filled with beads or fiber balls have the advantage that the capacity can be adjusted. Weight and height of the pillow are variable.

2.3. Allergy sufferers should pay attention to the side sleeper cushion cover

For allergy sufferers, but also pregnant women and newborns, the reference of the side sleeper or nursing pillow is very significant. After all, the textile has direct contact with the skin. For this reason, the cover should be skin-friendly as well as colors and seams absolutely resistant.

If you use the side sleeper pillow as a nursing pillow, contact with fluids is inevitable. The best side sleeping cushions are therefore equipped with a colorfast and washable cover. Many manufacturers rely on covers made of pure organic cotton. For allergy sufferers, the complete side sleeper cushion should be washable, if not cooked.

Since the pillow should also meet the taste of its users, if you buy a side sleeper pillow, you can usually choose from several covers in different colors and patterns. You can also buy replacement covers from established brands like Theraline. The side sleeper pillow cover with 145 x 40 cm and the side sleeper pillow cover with 140 x 120 cm are the common variants.

2.4. Important manufacturers for side sleeper cushions

When it comes to products that are supposed to benefit our health, we always want to know exactly which manufacturer we can trust. In the area of ​​sleep products, some manufacturers of high-quality cushions and blankets have prevailed in recent years . Many of them occupy specific niches, for example, produce products made of natural, bio-certified materials or convince by a good price-performance ratio.

On side sleeper cushions, on the one hand, there are manufacturers that offer many types of sleepwear, including neck support pillows or stomach sleepers. These include Badenia, fan or Hefel. On the other hand, there are brands that specialize in the needs of pregnant or nursing mothers, for example, Theraline. Even large department stores now carry the ergonomic cushions in their product range. The cheap side sleeper pillow by Ikea, for example, is filled with polyester. In a similar price segment is the side sleeper pillow Aqua Textil.

All important manufacturers of side sleeper cushions for your product research:

  • Hefel
  • acqua textile
  • Badenia
  • Theraline
  • Ebitop
  • Celina
  • fan

2.5. So far no Seitenschläferkissen test of the Stiftung Warentest

While neck pillows and neck support pillows as well as other sleep products are regularly tested by Stiftung Warentest, a side- sleeper pillow test is currently not available. Nursing pillows or pregnancy pillows have also not been tested by the foundation. You can still use the test database to find out how certain manufacturers of side-sleeper cushions have performed similar product testing. The evaluation of durability and textile quality is most likely also indicative of their neck support pillows. Also helpful are the tests of eco-test. Here nursing pillows and covers are regularly checked for harmful substances. Is your personal side sleeper pillow test winner included?

3. Side Sleeper Pillows: Questions & Answers that may interest you

3.1. How to use a side sleeper pillow?

When using a side-sleeper pillow, you can not really go wrong . They place the pillow along their body so that at least the ribcage, abdomen, pelvis and legs can rest on it. You can also “hug” the pillow with one hand and one leg . If the pillow is long enough and the shape allows it, you should also be able to cling to the head. Use it as a head and support pillow alike. Of course, you can also use the pillow in combination with a neck pillow or ergonomic neck support pillow.

3.2. How good are side sleeper pillows?

Side sleeper cushions are known for their positive effects on the well-being of the sleeping person . When used correctly, side-sleeper cushions help prevent snoring , as the ribcage and shoulders are optimally supported and the latter do not fold forward when sleeping on the side. Free, unhindered breathing is made possible. You can also use side sleeping cushions against back pain and tension. Since there is currently no side-sleeper cushion test of Stiftung Warentest, you can not orient yourself to the test winner chosen by the examiners when buying a pillow. How good certain side sleeper pillows are, but you can also see in our comparison.

3.3. How long must a side sleeper pillow be?

Orientate yourself to your height when choosing your side sleeper cushion. It should be about as long as you are tall in order to support your entire body, or even to put your head on it . Up to two meters long are ordinary side sleeper cushions, XXL variants can be over three meters long. You use the side sleeper pillow as a nursing pillow? Then you should be able to lay it comfortably around your upper body.

3.4. How do you sleep on a side sleeper pillow?

You simply choose the position that is most comfortable for you. Take your usual side sleeping position and place the sleeping pillow between your legs. You can wrap it around with your arms and legs, or lean your upper body against it. For pillows in the form of a seven or a question mark, you also lay your head on the pillow. It’s best to test a few variations at the beginning to find the best position for you.