See here the list of Top 10 best hair straighteners. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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1. Which straightener is the best?

The different models in our Lockenqueen hair straightener comparison vary depending on material, features and size in the price of 40 euros for a basic model up to 140 euros for a specially coated professional hair straightener. These devices are particularly gentle and gentle to the hair, but also more expensive accordingly. In our comparison we have summarized customer reviews, test results and our hands-on experience with the devices to provide you with the best possible information.

If you want to buy a new flat iron, you should first think about what you expect from the device. Only then can you find the perfect model for your personal needs and enjoy it for a long time. Because if you already spend a lot of money, you should also get the styling tool of your dreams. Straighteners can live for many years and serve well as long as they are handled with care. So it pays to invest in a high quality model. And here are some TOP offers.

1.1. Curly, wavy or smooth: hair straighteners are all-rounders

Many women do not know how versatile you can use a styling iron and without external help. If you are looking for super-smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair, or you want to make your step cut look really smart, then you can not go around smoothing the strand by strand. But with the right tools and good styling products, many other great hairstyles can be made at home. Fine hair gets volume through natural waves or defined curls , frizzy or curly hair is structured and tamed or smoothed.

2. Flat iron features

2.1. Size

In addition to the standard sizes, there are straighteners with narrow plates for short hair, handbag size on the go, and extra-wide plates that effortlessly machine long, thick and stubborn hair. Many can also be used as a curling iron by folding the plates together. So with the right device, you can quickly and easily create different looks . Whether you want big, loose waves, small corkscrew curls or a smooth, straight style, the application possibilities and the creativity are endless.

2.2. Ceramics as material

The heat in the plates of the smoothing iron deprives the hair of moisture and smooths the surface. The result is silky and shiny hair, but it is true, ultra much heat damages the hair structure . Therefore, the size and quality of the device is so important. The two plates, which together form a press, can be made of different materials, but almost all new models use ceramics. This material heats up evenly and therefore causes less damage to the hair follicles.

It slides softly through the hair and keeps the heat longer, so it does not cool down immediately. For cheaper models, the plates are made of metal and coated with ceramic. Once the coating is damaged, the hair suffers underneath and you should definitely replace the straightener. So it’s worth spending a little more to enjoy your device for a longer time.

2.3. Ion Technology

Some hair straighteners in our comparison feature negative-ion technology that helps minimize hair damage and protect the hair. The hair stays smooth and shiny for a long time. On some flat irons, the plates are covered with keratin, for a super soft end result like after a hair cure. Heat protection sensors ensure that the temperature automatically adapts to prevent hair damage. For many devices, this setting can also be made manually if you have special preferences.

2.4. Other features

Particularly useful features of the new devices include the sleep mode , which automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, a power-saving mode and manually adjustable heat controls . Extra long and rotating cables ensure easy handling. An automatic safety shutdown ensures the necessary protection against hair damage.

2.5. Straightener Handling: Straightener without heat damage

No matter how advanced the straighteners are by now, excessive straightening and excessive heat damage the hair and make it dry and brittle. It loses its shine, looks dull and unhealthy and gets split ends. Smoothing does take up your hair, but you can minimize the damage with a few simple tricks. Most important is the tool. Who does not stingy, but buys a good flat iron with ceramic plates and a high-quality coating is ever on the safe side.

2.6. Additional hair care

Then it is advisable to use heat protection sprays or to apply an anti-frizz lotion before dz start with the styling. It’s best to blow dry your hair or let it air dry. There must be no residual moisture in the hair , otherwise the hot plates over 100 ° C damage the structure and you have to deal with split ends and hair breakage later. The same is true for knots and matted strands, so comb the hair thoroughly first. The dry and combed hair in about four, who has many and long hair also has more, divide lots and then slowly work through each strand strand by strand. Care is the key to beautiful straight hair without split ends .

2.7. What temperature with the flat iron?

If you start smoothing, you should be wary of the temperature. 185 ° C is optimal, you should not expect the hair ultra high heat, so the maximum temperature. As little as possible, as much as necessary. Therefore, it is better to treat his mane always a break. Avoid flattening every day or several times a day . Those who naturally have fine hair can reduce the temperature.

160 ° C are sufficient for silky-smooth hair and you prevent hair breakage, which is accompanied if necessary with hair removal. For curly and thick hair you need a higher temperature for the same effect. Compared to permanent chemical hair straightening at the hairdresser, a heat-based flat iron has the advantage that it damages the hair much less and you always remain flexible when styling. If it rains and or after washing your hair, the effect is gone.

3. The best hair straighteners manufacturers in our comparison

The following top brands offer both cheapest flat irons and high quality hair straighteners.

3.1. GHD

You look very smart on the make-up table and smooth even the most stubborn curls and waves: the golden GHD-Styler hair straighteners are almost icons in the world of styling tools. With a purchase of these classic models you can not go wrong, the money is well spent. At GHD you get quality as well as a product that lasts for several years and spares the hair. Other compelling models besides the GHD Gold Styler are: the GHD Platinum Styler as well as the GHD Max Styler and the GHD Mini Styler.

The automatic temperature detection at GHD convinces

The various sensors in the ceramic plates of a GHD smoothing iron continuously adjust the temperature for as much heat as needed and as little as possible. The result is shiny, silky smooth hair. An extra long cable and the sleep mode guarantee easy handling. ghd makes every day a “good hair day”, and are the highest quality products in our comparison.

3.2. Remington

Remington, another manufacturer of personal care products, has released a whole slew of novelties, such as high-quality ceramic coatings or heat-activated micronutrients, on its straighteners. The plates of these so-called Keratin Protect Straighteners are coated with keratin and almond oil, macadamia oil or argan oil. The hair is smoothed with a Remington hair straightener and is afterwards silky and super soft as after a cure. Again, sensors adjust the maximum temperature automatically to prevent heat damage.

TOP value at Remington

You can also set the temperature manually, as you like. Remington offers a great price-performance ratio in the mid-price segment and convinces again and again in independent product tests.

3.3. BaByliss

BaByliss’ economical multifunctional devices make you want a variety of styles, whether curls, curls or straightening. The movable ceramic plates and long cables ensure easy handling of the flat irons without pulling.

Perfect heat regulation with BaByliss

The variable temperature setting allows individual heat regulation. BaByliss straighteners are available in various sizes and price ranges for a wide variety of hair lengths and needs.

3.4. Brown

Braun is better known for razors, hair dryers and electric toothbrushes, but it also has great high-tech hair straighteners, such as the Sensocare ST780. The models are beautifully designed and processed to a high quality. The so-called nano-glide ceramic plates ensure smooth, well-groomed hair and heat protection is also respected in Braun. The intelligent display helps to find the right temperature setting for the structure and length of the hair.

Brown flat iron with moisture content detection

The sensors in the device detect the moisture content of the hair and adjust the heat automatically every 20 seconds. The result shows, you do not have to take a walk to the barber.

Do not worry about hair damage

The hair is fresh and smoothed by the heat regulation with an optimal temperature and virtually no damage.

3.5. Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine comes from the same inventor of the GHD Smoothers, so it should come as no surprise that the award-winning hair straighteners give very good results, so it’s no coincidence that it’s our test winner. The Cloud Nine Styling Irons smooth and tame not only long stubborn hair, they also conjure beautiful curls. Those who like to experiment with their style are well served with these versatile premium models.

3.6. Udo Walz by Beurer

The occasionally cheapest flat iron B15 50 of solid quality, but with a few features that Udo Walz offers. It is sufficient, as well as more expensive models, from 140 ° C (minimum temperature) to 230 ° C (maximum temperature).

High quality in temperature control

The temperature control is a special advantage, because even at low temperature, the result is convincing.

Many special features are available on Cloud Nine devices

The handling is uncomplicated and it not only convincing the hair smooth, but practical features such as the automatic shutdown ensure that there are no nasty surprises, if you forget to turn off.

4. Frequently asked questions about the straightener

4.1. What is a straightener?

Straighteners are used to turn curly hair into smooth hairstyles. The basic operating principle of such a device is relatively simple. The straightener consists of two parts, which are held together by a hinge. The two side plates are electrically heated. The hair is placed between the two plates, which are closed. Then you can pull the hair through the plates of the smoothing iron and smooth the hair gently. There are different types of straighteners, such as with ceramic plates or with ionized sliding plates that work very gently.

4.2. What should be considered when buying the flat iron?

If you buy a flat iron, you should pay attention to various aspects. Who has full, curly hair, should choose a straightener, which has large plates. In this way, the work can be done faster. This is especially important if you want to style the hairstyle in the shortest possible time in the morning.

For the same reason, it is also important to value a short heat-up time. The temperature should also be individually adjustable (variable setting levels) so that any hair type can be treated with the perfect temperature. You should also make sure that the plates are very lubricious. In this way, the hair can be treated without being subjected to any mechanical damage. Buying a professional flat iron online not only has the advantage of being able to make a quicker selection. For example, on Amazon is included with Prime products a free delivery.

4.3. Can straighteners make curls?

A straightener is not only suitable for straightening hair, but can also be used to make curls or waves. However, you should use a narrow straightening iron, whose plate width exceeds 5 cm. The strands of hair are rotated around the hair straightener at 360 degrees Celsius. Then the flat iron is slowly pulled down. This is how loosely falling, natural-looking curls are created.

4.4. Is the straightener harmful to the hair?

Basically, one should be careful when one is exposed to the hair of a heat treatment. But modern flat irons are now designed to provide optimal protection for the hair. For example, straighteners with ceramic plates are safer than other models because they distribute heat very evenly. Good hair straighteners can also be adjusted to different temperature levels. So you can treat fine, sensitive hair with less heat than thick, hard-wearing hair.

4.5. What types of straighteners are there?

Straighteners are available in different versions. With the modern devices, three different technologies can be distinguished, in which mainly the heating plates differ. Ceramic heating plates can be found today on many devices. They are characterized by an optimal heat distribution and can be handled well by people with little practice.

Even the devices, whose heating plates are coated with tourmaline, are suitable for smoothing the hair gently. With such devices, one achieves a particularly beautiful shine in the hair. Titanium-coated flat irons are often needed for professional use. They get hot very quickly and it is necessary to work quickly to avoid overheating the hair.

4.6. Which temperature is best for straighteners?

The best temperature for using hair straighteners depends to a large extent on your own hair structure. That’s why you should also choose a flat iron with different temperature settings. It can be assumed that chemically treated, thin hair is the most sensitive. The ideal temperature to treat such hair with the flat iron is between 140 and 160 ° C. Also, hair with extensions should necessarily be smoothed in the lower temperature range. However, if the hair is strong, thick and resistant, then you can work with temperatures up to 220 ° C to quickly get tight curls.

4.7. What is an ion straightener?

In the hair straighteners, the ion technology is still quite new. In general, such devices are ceramic plates, which are occupied with tourmaline crystals. These release negatively charged ions into the hair that is positively charged. Thus, the static charge of the hair is neutralized. After the process, the hair lies flat and does not fly, as is often the case with conventional flat irons.

4.8. Which brands offer hair straighteners?

Straighteners are an item that can be found in many households today. Therefore, many brands offer such devices. It is advisable to look a little bit over the quality of each brand before buying. In test results, devices from Remington, Ghd or Braun, for example, score high marks. Such straighteners are often used in the professional field. Another brand that has made a name for easy-to-use equipment is Babyliss, and companies such as Grundig and Philips are now offering various models of hair straighteners .


Whether you opt for a flat iron with many special features or a simple device depends on many factors. We hope you will find what you are looking for with our reviews and enjoy your favorite for a long time.