See here the list of Top 10 best car batteries. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

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Bridging the car: Give correct jump start! Jump-start giving correctly explained

Prices for car batteries vary (up to 333 euros)

Our test batteries have a capacity of 70 to 75 Ah – the size that is common in popular models à la VW Golf & Co. There are large differences in the prices in general: they range from 92 to 333 euros for the candidates. First surprise: cheap is good here. The price-performance winner Keckeisen Intact Start Power is among the cheapest with 102 euros in the test and took first place among the conventional lead-acid batteries with 343 points.

And with the start-stop AGM batteries managed the cheapest even the overall victory: The Varta Silver Dynamic E39 for 165 euros reached 467 of 500 points. In order to be able to objectively evaluate capacity and behavior during deep discharge, all test subjects came to the battery test stand of FAKT GmbH Automotive Testing and Engineering Center Heimertingen.

It was amazing that only the batteries of Banner and Exide reached the specified rated capacity during the initial charge. Banner’s Runnig Bull even excelled at 74 instead of 70 Ah. All other candidates, however, were far below the manufacturer’s information. Taillight was the product of Uni1Energy, which patzte with 43.9 Ah instead of the specified 70 Ah capacity – that’s only 63 percent of the rated capacity!

AGM batteries particularly enduring in the test

With the number of discharge cycles – it indicates the cycle life of a battery – we evaluated the life of the energy storage device. Here, the AGM batteries shone with endurance: all achieved more than the predetermined 15 test cycles. In the EFB stores, the Ford EFB was ahead with 13 cycles, followed by Exide (eleven cycles) and Varta Blue (five cycles). For the simple lead-acid batteries, Moll scores with 5 cycles. Worst with just two cycles again cut off the Uni1Energy.

Another test: After twelve hours in the cold chamber at -20 degrees, we hit the batteries with the cold start test: Here, the AGM batteries played out their strengths. Varta and Bosch shone with 28 and 27 possible engine starts, followed by Banner (24). Also Keckeisen and Ford EFB convinced with 18 and 17 successful launches. The red lantern went to the Varta Blue E45 with only nine starts. After the AGM batteries (87 to 98%), the Keckeisen (66%) and the Varta Blue offered the highest capacity after the cold start test (value stands for the recovery after the start attempts in a frosty environment. Liteblox: Ultra-light car battery Super-light battery weighs only 2.3 kilos

Caution: start-stop batteries must be “trained”

For cars with automatic start-stop, care should be taken when changing the car battery. What many do not know: The new battery must first be programmed after the exchange in the control unit. The battery must first be taught in the control unit when the car is switched off and on again. This requires special equipment and expertise. In many modern cars, the circuit between the vehicle electronics and the battery must now no longer be interrupted, since otherwise electrical functions on board can be damaged.

Simply disconnect and replace – replacing the car battery is not that easy anymore. That’s why you can have the battery change in a car with automatic start-stop system best done in the workshop. There is also good advice when it comes to the selection of the new car battery. For start-stop vehicles special batteries with AGM or EFB technology must be selected. The battery type should definitely be approved by the car manufacturer for the vehicle.

Buy cheap car batteries: Tip!

In the dealership and service workshops car batteries are relatively expensive at first glance. However, it must not be forgotten that the customer receives the full service in addition to the battery purchase: Check the old battery, install the new battery and dispose of the old battery. However, anyone who trusts in the installation and knows for sure which car battery he needs for his vehicle can shop at online retailers significantly below the retail price.